Annual Meeting : French Mechanics Association Rotating Equipment Committee

VibraTec is working on a new approach to early gear fault detection. This vibration monitoring method detects, locates and characterizes the evolution & criticality of bearing and tooth faults. Large quantities of data are collected; classification is performed with AI algorithms.

Renaud BERTONI presented this method on June 4th at the annual French Mechanics Association Rotating Equipment Committee meeting at Honeywell-Garrett France’s headquarters in the Vosges. This committee, composed of academia and industrial partners, meets once a year to discuss scientific & technological issues pertaining to rotating equipment (digital and experimental aspects). Meetings are also the occasion to visit industrial installa

VibraTec is a longtime member and acting secretary, sharing its technical developments relating to rotating equipment.


XIX International Wheelset Congress: “IWC” in Venice, 16th -20th June, 2019

Vibratec presents new methods to estimate railway rolling noise.

Rolling noise can now be estimated by combining laboratory measurements, e.g. sound pressure, with STARDAMP calculations. The developed procedure allows to account for real operating conditions (speed, load, track conditions) when it comes to design new wheels and railway dampers.

The new methods were developed in a cooperation with our client BONATRANS, a leader in wheelset and damper design.

Our railway acoustics expert Martin Rissmann will present our new methods at the IWC 2019 in Venice. He will be happy to meet you there.


International Congress: “SIA POWER TRAIN & ELECTRONICS” in Port Marly (Paris), 11 -13th June, 2019

Multi-objective optimization of electrical machines including NVH, energy and thermal considerations

Vibratec will present a paper at the international congress “SIA POWER TRAIN & ELECTRONICS3 at Port Marly (Paris).

This paper describes a new method to optimize the electromagnetic design of electric motors in order to minimize the radiated noise under mechanical, efficiency and thermal constraints

This noise is closely related to the electromagnetic design of the machine. Taking it into account right from the design stage keeps it under control. The advantages are many: high quality products, time and money savings (no later design changes, no heavy and expensive countermeasures). This methodology relies on a multi physical model involving all the electro mechanical parameters of the motor. It is included in a multi-objective, multi-constraint optimization process.

This optimization process has been implemented for several motor manufacturers in the field of automotive and railway industry.

Learn more about motor optimization: sylvestre.lecuru@vibratec.fr


Vehicle Symposium EVS32 « A world of E MOTION » in Lyon (France), May 19 – 22nd, 2019

Acoustic optimization of electric powertrain

Vibratec will be present on May 20th at EVS32 Lyon.

Henri Saucy will present our latest development in optimization of electric powertrains: methods, tools, and application to automotive cases.

The powerful algorithms used by Vibratec and its customers to design energy efficient e-motors allowed significant acoustic gains, removing tonal peaks and lowering overall sound level.

This new offer expands Vibratec already wide range of services to support the EV and HEV industry: acoustic troubleshooting, simulation, and NVH integration of the e-motor in the vehicle.

Most major actors of the electric vehicle world already trust Vibratec: car manufacturers, motor and accessories suppliers.

electric powertrain optimization

There are no passengers on spaceship earth.

The VibraTec Group guides its clients toward eco-friendly solutions whenever possible, and also encourages the use of public transportation, cycling and carpooling among its employees.

In this context, AirFrance’s CO2Zero program supporting CO2OL provided us a good way to compensate our air travel carbon footprint by helping to reforest the Panama Canal Zone. To date, over 7.5 million trees have been planted, 15 endangered species have a new habitat and 150 jobs have been created.

green carbon footprint

Improve your skills in our springtime training sessions

The perfect occasion to upskill colleagues:

  • Rotating Equipment Vibration Diagnosis” from May 14th to 16th: to be able to identify common rotating machine defects and understand diagnosis tools & methods.
    • Principles of vibration
    • Principles of data acquisition
    • Principles of signal processing
    • Vibration standards
    • Common defects
    • Detection tools
    • Case studies
  • Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA)” on May 21st and 22nd: to understand and be able to use this structural characterization technique.
    • Basic theory
    • Mode identification methods
    • Model tuning
    • Establishing a measurement procedure
    • Case studies on a mock-up
  • Specialized Testing, Iso-damage Approach” on May 23rd: to be able to write a specific Scope of Work for product & equipment suppliers.
    • Review of structural fatigue resistance
    • Standard hypotheses
    • Principles of signal processing
    • Personalizing for modal structures
    • Taking variability into account
    • Case studies
  • Rotor Dynamics” on May 28th, as a complement to the Rotating Equipment course or on a stand-alone basis: in order to hold intelligent, pertinent discussions with suppliers – and know the ‘right’ questions to ask.
    • Principles of vibration
    • Theoretical basis of rotor dynamics
    • Rotor modelling
    • Rotor dynamic stiffness mapping
    • Critical speed calculation
    • Unbalance response calculation
    • Stability analysis calculation
    • Case studies

Consult our training catalog.

VibraTec is a training center recognized by the French administration and French professional training funding centers.

Technical training

Acoustic Optimization of E-Machines

Minimizing e-machine noise levels without impacting energy efficiency is now possible thanks to VibraTec’s new acoustic optimization method.

This innovative algorithm generates modifications of rotor and stator geometry, drastically reducing unwanted vibration and noise for a given set of operating conditions.

Working in close cooperation with its customer on the design of an automotive traction motor, and focusing on a specific tonal noise in the center of the machine speed range, VibraTec achieved a 14 dB reduction in sound power level on an order tracking.

VibraTec provides a vast range of services in the acoustic design and optimization of electric machines: support in pre-design to choose the quietest architecture from the beginning, vibro-acoustic simulation, integration in complete vehicle FE-models, experimental characterization of noise sources and high speed test benches.

electric car motor noise reduction

2 days dedicated to Signal Processing

The perfect occasion to upskill colleagues in this field during our “Signal Processing” training course on April 2nd and 3rd. They will learn how to choose the appropriate signal processing method & selection criteria, and then analyze results.

  • Signal classification,
  • Time analysis,
  • Spectral analysis,
  • System analysis.

Consult our training catalog.

VibraTec is a training center recognized by the French administration and French professional training funding centers.

signal processing training

VibraTec training – sessions in March 2018

VibraTec will hold 4 open course sessions in March 2018. All are based on case studies.

  • From the 12th to the 14th of March: “Noise from Electromagnetic Excitation”: discover the basic electric motor operation & power supply, the efforts & magnetic phenomena implicated, phenomena capable of producing electromagnetic noise in electric machines. Learn how to set up an experimental & numeric method to understand the vibratory behavior of electric machines.
  • The 19th of March will be the occasion to learn about standards and requirements regarding “Human Vibration Exposure” to negotiate with suppliers more effectively, improve worker / colleague protection and fully comply with applicable legislation.
  • 20th & 21st of March: “Experimental Vibration Analysis” – explore industrial vibration issues, measurement & analysis methods and mitigation solutions.
  • 26th & 27th of March: first official session for our new “Railway Maintenance & Dynamics” course: optimize your maintenance programs with an increased understanding of the physics of wheel-rail contact, the faults they create and how they evolve over time.

Consult our training catalog.

VibraTec has French training accreditation and is referenced with DataDock. Sessions for French company employees can be funded by accredited French fund-collecting agencies (OPCA).

technical training

Why wait to schedule your 2019 training programs ?

NEW this year !  Courses dedicated to Finite Element Model Updating, Railway Maintenance & Dynamics and also Noise from Gear Systems. The first sessions are at the end of January.

The specific web pages give the schedule for our Open programs held in France. We also organize all of our courses on demand on-site for clients worldwide who wish to train groups of employees together, focusing on their specific field / job.

Referenced as an official training center and registered on the DataDock platform to enable public funding for our course attendees (from French companies), VibraTec offers courses centered around industrial vibration, acoustics, signal processing and related fields targeting engineers and technicians.

Feel free to contact our training department for more information.


qualified professional training

Jessica Neufond will represent VibraTec in Le Mans on 15-16 Nov at the Young Researchers’ Days in vibrations, Acoustics and Noise

She will present results of a study of the vibroacoustic behavior of planetary gears, from the determination of internal excitation to the vibration state of the housing.

The method developed reduces computation time (under an hour for a complete simulation) while using the real gearbox geometry.

This study focuses on planetary gear whining noise by determining internal excitation by simultaneously taking into account all meshings to include coupled interactions. The dynamic response is then calculated at any point in the housing via the resolution of the coupled equations of motion in the spectral domain and via an iterative process. Finally, experimental testing was performed to compare calculation and measurement results.

This is the subject of Jessica’s CIFRE thesis, in partnership with the Laboratory of Tribology and Systems Dynamics (LTDS, Ecole Centrale de Lyon) resulting from the common Ladage laboratory. VibraTec‘s expertise on the topic of gears is thus extended to the case of planetary gears.

Finite Element Model

September 2018 International Railway Conference : ‘Rad-Schiene’ in Dresden

The French collaborative railway research project CERVIFER aims at accelerating Virtual Certification of Railway Systems. In this framework, computer models are used to compute the train-track interaction during the passage of switches.

From a geometrical description of a VOSSLOH switch and dynamic contact forces from measurements performed on an RATP commuter train, VIBRATEC built a multi-body model with the software VOCO, developed by IFSTTAR.

At the 16th International Railway Conference “Rad-Schiene” in Dresden, VIBRATEC specialist Martin Rissmann will present the difficulties and challenges of such models and the need of high quality measurement data.


Dealing with gear noise of real industrial systems: an overview of the difficulties and the achievements

Alexandre CARBONELLI will present the philosophy of the research led by VibraTec in the gear dynamics field at the International Gear Conference in Lyon-Villeurbanne from August 27th to 29th.

 The presentation gives general feedback on the latest studies and on the position of a research engineer working in the gear dynamics field.

 Between academic science and the pragmatic constraints of the engineer’s job, it is important to have a strong expertise in order to work with the correct assumptions and the appropriate tools.

The close collaboration with the Laboratory of Tribology and System Dynamics (LTDS) of the Ecole Centrale de Lyon makes it possible to invest research efforts to answer real industrial concerns.


dynamic gear studies

Innovate with VibraTec ! We will be at the Smart Industries event during the Global Industrie fair in Paris from 27 to 30 March

VibraTec was chosen to represent the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region as an SME with innovative products & services (predictive maintenance, innovative sensors, digital twins, etc).

Agnès Gerphagnon and Lucille Lamotte will present the group’s latest innovations, including the LMS SoundCamera developed by MicrodB and our predictive maintenance SmartSolutions connected, autonomous sensors.

The Global Industrie fair focuses on the Industry of the Future and brings together stakeholders from the entire manufacturing ecosystem and all industry sectors. It is backed by President Macron, the French government and the Industry of the Future Alliance (AIF). From March 27th to the 30th, almost 3 thousand exhibitors will welcome over 50 thousand visitors.

connected sensors

The JASA (Journal of the Acoustical Society of America) chooses MicrodB as the latest Technical Area Pick in Signal Processing

The article, entitled “Instantaneous Bayesian regularization applied to real-time near-field acoustic holography”, was published on August 16th 2017. It has been chosen among all articles related to signal processing published throughout 2017.

MicrodB’s technological developments make it possible to reconstruct non-stationary acoustic sources (closing doors, rotating sources, transitory phenomena) using acoustic imagery.

The main scientific development is to have solved the inverse problem by using a Bayesian approach that significantly increases the method’s stability. The method is also enhanced to allow the reconstruction of long signals.

We are proud to see that Thibaut LE MAGUERESSE’s PhD thesis, fully integrated in the VibraTec group’s R&D program, has achieved such professional recognition.


Small company or multinational ? Come talk to VibraTec personnel at the INSA’s Professions Day on January 31st

VibraTec is a regular participant at this annual event organized by the INSA Lyon’s Mechanical Engineering Dept.

Four VibraTec experts will be participating this year :

  • Hervé GOUTAGNY, Project Manager, will share his career experience;
  • Emmanuel REYNAUD, Sales & Project Manager, will compare work in an SME and work in a multinational ;
  • Cyril GAUMAIN, Head of Department, will explain how R&D is integrated in SMEs ;
  • Fanny QUERVILLE will be at our stand to present current openings (internships & jobs) and review student resumés.

Choose the right direction

The VibraTec Group – actively involved in training tomorrow’s technicians and engineers

“Our continuous presence at the heart of higher education creates connections with our future clients and partners.” Christian Clerc, Scientific Director.

A few employees are on Engineering & Master’s program steering committees. Some complete Engineering school’s theory classes with concrete applications implicating state-of-the-art technology.

Others teach in technical schools throughout their 2- or 3-year programs. In this context, VibraTec opened its lab to a class of 1st-year students from the IUT in St Etienne on December 14th. The students shared the daily life of technicians and talked with alums who now work at VibraTec.

These diverse contacts with the reality of industrial life are an important element of each one’s career choices.

découverte matériel mesure

VibraTec – preparing students for the real world

This year as usual, VibraTec visited the IUT of Saint Etienne’s Applied Physics Department, helping to bridge the gap between academic theory and the reality of the working world.

VibraTec offers students the possibility to discover various examples of what a vibration – acoustics techician’s job is: concrete case studies, measurement methods & material, professional profiles, the pertinence of knowing English, etc. This helps clarify student orientation – and gives some the desire to work at VibraTec during their training and/or afterwards !

A group of students will also visit our headquarters in December to discover our lab and exchange with our teams on their day-to-day lives.

IUT St Etienne

VibraTec E-Noise Training in Shanghai China

VibraTec, through its partner YiDuo is organizing its very first customized E-Noise training in China comprising a 3-day session on “Noise from Electromagnetic Origin” to be delivered in Shanghai from 25th – 27th September 2017. This training targets management, engineers and technicians working in the field of design and application of electric machines or vibroacoustics. The intended program will cover the following topics:

  • Day 1: Electrical machines (architecture, operating principle and control) with their associated power converter and control strategies;
  • Day 2: Noise from electrical machines and power converters (magnetic excitations, vibrational behavior, radiated noise, important parameters);
  • Day 3: Examples and questions / answers.

Practical cases including illustrations from VibraTec’s own Research & Development projects in the automotive field (powertrain, power converters and electric motor) are also part of the itinerary.

The training will be delivered by one of VibraTec’s E-Noise specialists, Sylvestre LECURU.


Why wait to schedule your 2018 training programs ?

Referenced as an official training center and registered on the DataDock platform to enable public funding for our course attendees (from French companies), VibraTec offers courses centered around industrial vibration, acoustics, signal processing and related fields targeting engineers and technicians.

The 2018 catalogue gives the schedule for our Open programs given in France.

We also organize all of our courses on demand on-site for clients worldwide who wish to train groups of employees together, focusing on their specific field / job.

Feel free to contact our training department for more information.


VibraTec’s training programs referenced by DataDock

VibraTec has been referenced as an official French training center for many years: we are now also registered on the DataDock platform, which centralizes information concerning French training centers to facilitate funding by “OPCA” (accredited fund-collecting / funding agencies), associations in charge of funding professional training throughout workers’ careers.

Yet another sign of VibraTec’s commitment to quality in all aspects of our activity.

New Acoustics or Vibration graduates – join our team !

We offer you the opportunity to develop your skills through rewarding and varied missions.