Enhancing project teams with dedicated technical expertise

Technical Project management

Numerical simulation

Qualification campaign Monitoring

VibraTeam actively participates in the monitoring and steering of technical projects in agreement with client Quality, Cost, Schedule & HSE requirements:

  • Writing specifications
  • Design reviews
  • Monitoring validation plans
  • Managing simulations and tests
  • Recording recommendations and documenting technical improvements
  • Prototype monitoring

Technical project management

  • Carrying out studies during design phases
  • Sizing and validating structures
  • Calculating with linear / non linear / multibody Finite Element Method (FEM)
  • Correlating calculations and tests
  • Establishing calculation notes
  • Recommending practical technical solutions

Numerical simulation Mechanics, Aerodynamics & Acoustics

  • Instrumentation: accelerometers (acceleration, speed, displacement), extensometry (strain gauges), multiphysics etc.
  • Measurement and testing: Vibration analyses (vibration levels, operational deformation shapes, modal analysis), Noise measurements (sound pressure, sound intensity)
  • Diagnoses
  • Testing on test benches, on-site or in laboratory
  • Data post-processing

Instrumentation, Examination, Result analysis

  • Analysis of test specifications
  • Writing specifications
  • Testing on test bench, track or in laboratory
  • Monitoring qualification and certification campaigns

Qualification campaign Monitoring
Test customization

Technicians - we are recruiting !

If you are a noise &/or vibration specialist, this could be the perfect occasion to enrich your experience: our group, well-known for its expertise in acoustics and structural dynamics, works on very diversified projects.