Technical Project management

Numerical simulation

Qualification campaign Monitoring

VibraTeam actively participates in the monitoring and steering of technical projects in agreement with client Quality, Cost, Schedule & HSE requirements:

  • Writing specifications
  • Design reviews
  • Monitoring validation plans
  • Managing simulations and tests
  • Recording recommendations and documenting technical improvements
  • Prototype monitoring

Technical project management

  • Carrying out studies during design phases
  • Sizing and validating structures
  • Calculating with linear / non linear / multibody Finite Element Method (FEM)
  • Correlating calculations and tests
  • Establishing calculation notes
  • Recommending practical technical solutions

Numerical simulation Mechanics, Aerodynamics & Acoustics

  • Instrumentation: accelerometers (acceleration, speed, displacement), extensometry (strain gauges), multiphysics etc.
  • Measurement and testing: Vibration analyses (vibration levels, operational deformation shapes, modal analysis), Noise measurements (sound pressure, sound intensity)
  • Diagnoses
  • Testing on test benches, on-site or in laboratory
  • Data post-processing

Instrumentation, Examination, Result analysis

  • Analysis of test specifications
  • Writing specifications
  • Testing on test bench, track or in laboratory
  • Monitoring qualification and certification campaigns

Qualification campaign Monitoring
Test customization

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