You want to understand the theoretical aspects of various acoustic imaging methods (holography, focalization, deconvolution), their advantages and limits: you will not waste your time in this 2-day training program.

For those already knowledgeable in theory wanting some hands-on time (or for those wanting to treat theory & “lab time” together), a 3rd day will help you know how to choose the best method for your needs and what to do with the results.


Theory: understand the theoretical aspects of different imaging methods with their advantages & limitations (holography, focalization, deconvolution, etc)
Application: choose & apply the ‘right’ measurement & processing method

Participant profile
Engineers, students & technical managers

Basic knowledge of acoustics
Knowledge of signal processing
The theoretical training (or equivalent) is required for the application day

Program (based on case studies, alternating theory & application exercises)
- Theoretical review of acoustics
- Acoustic beamforming
- Acoustic holography with regular & irregular arrays
- Advanced imaging algorithm methods
- Imagery methods applied to the constraints of aero-acoustic measurements
- Matching tools to requirements
- Measurement preparation
- Using the imaging software in a Testlab environment
- Result analysis

Evaluation in the form of a quiz

Session (14 or 21 hours)
17-18 & 19 May 2022

Registration / cancellation up to 15 days before each session. Training material, breaks & lunches included. Based on real-life applications, alternating theory and application exercises.

This training program can be organized on demand, on-site worldwide for clients who wish to train groups of employees together, focusing on their specific field / job function. Its content can also be adapted for remote sessions.

If you have a sensory or motor deficit, please contact us to discuss compensation options.

VibraTec is accredited with the French government, and is referenced with DataDock (Qualiopi certification ongoing): French companies can benefit from professional training funds.