Know the terms used in acoustics as well as the main sources and modes of transmission.

Participant profile
Anyone who wants to learn the basics of acoustics

High School math & science (calculus, physics, etc)

Program (based on case studies, alternating theory & application exercises)
Definitions and acoustic quantities
Sound perception
Sound sources and radiation
Propagation in open field and in the presence of obstacles
Internal acoustics
Air and solid-state transmission

Evaluation in the form of a quiz

Sessions - remote learning (3,5 hours tele-presence): 500 €
20 January 2022 (afternoon CET)
6 September 2022 (afternoon CEST)
12 people max per session

Registration / cancellation up to 15 days before each session. Training material included. Based on real-life applications, alternating theory and application exercises.

This training program can be organized on demand, on-site worldwide for clients who wish to train groups of employees together, focusing on their specific field / job function.

If you have a sensory or motor deficit, please contact us to discuss compensation options.

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