The aim of our training courses is to disseminate our knowledge and understanding of industrial vibration, acoustics, signal processing and related fields to our course delegates.

VibraTec has been accredited by the French government as a training provider since 1989, and is currently certified Qualiopi (making it possible for French companies to receive funding for our courses).

All sessions are designed for technicians and engineers whose jobs may include designing, developing, testing or simply operating industrial equipment and installations. The courses draw from case studies acquired during our 30+ years of experience in all industry sectors: automotive, railway, energy, aeronautics, mechatronics, etc.

Courses are given in Open Sessions scheduled in advanced to enable participants to enrich their training experience by exchanging with delegates from other firms, professional backgrounds, activity sectors and geographic areas.

While the Open Session organization has undeniable benefits, it is not always the perfect solution – which is why we also organize all of our courses on demand, on-site for clients who wish to train groups of employees together, focusing on their specific field /job function.

NEW FROM 2021: we now offer 1/2-day courses in tele-presence (Teams meetings). It is also possible to consider an online format for most of our standard training programs.


2021 training course statistics