Gear Noise Control


The improvement of the acoustic contribution of the industrial vehicle powertrains is a major issue in terms of environmental impact. The regulations are evolving in order to be more representative of the annoyance and thus minimize noise pollution, especially in urban areas (exterior noise).

The final objective of this project was to create methods (and associated software tools) for the vibro-acoustic design of power transmission systems by gears, orienting designers towards architectures with low noise levels and robust in terms of emitted noise (low incidence of dispersion on emitted noise). The targeted power transmission components were the motor distribution by gears and mechanical gearboxes. The acoustic phenomena treated were whirring and clattering.

  • Reduction of noise emitted by engines and power transmission systems by gears (regulatory context)
  • Controlling vibro-acoustic dispersion (economic context)
  • Designing low noise level architectures, robust in terms of noise emitted (low incidence of dispersion on emitted noise)
  • Developing the associated tools (software)