VibraTec is able to meet client needs for calculation, maintenance programs and rail equipment monitoring using the following suite of complete solutions.

Software for Railway Ground Borne Vibration Prediction

GroundVIB is a dedicated software package for predicting ground borne noise and vibration levels for railway systems. Its user friendly interface enables the computation of sources of vibration excitation that is then transmitted to the ground. The train and track models are coupled to the excitation. The excitation could be a roughness spectra (which represents the quality of the rail and wheel rolling surface), a singularity (such as a rail joint, or a wheel flat) or a parametric excitation (related to the discontinuous supports of the rail). GroundVib software is part of the global methodology developed and validated by VibraTec to work with, and understand ground borne and structure borne noise and vibration issues.


  • Roughness
  • Train speed
  • Building distances
  • Soil decay rate or soil type

Database (evolutive) :

  • Wheel – rail roughness
  • Soil decay rates
  • Building transfer functions


Vibration level (Lv, eVDV, …) :

  • Track component
  • Building threshold
  • Inside building

References : London (Crossrail), Firenze, Paris, Constantine, Alger, Lyon, Orléans, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Grand Paris Express,…

logo GroundVib


simulation building components
tramway vibration transmission
railway ground vibration
rail wheel contact
rail roughness track

Software for Railway Rolling Noise Prediction

STARDAMP is a modelling tool that standardises damping techniques for the reduction of railway rolling noise. The software implements an analytical description of the interaction between wheel and track. Wheel, rail and sleeper responses are calculated and the sound power levels estimated through radiation efficiencies

  • Direct assessment of Wheel and Rail dampers
  • Simplified Graphical User Interface with predefined input parameters for Easy and Quick handling
  • Possibility  to enter user-defined parameters for expert users


  • Track decay rate measurements (Laboratory testing)
  • Wheel FE model
  • Wheel damping measurements (Laboratory testing)


  • SPL at 7.5 m or 25 m
  • Sound power Spectra , octave or 1/3rd octave bands
  • A-weighted overall levels
  • Wheel and track contributions

logo Stardamp


bruit roulement ferroviaire

Design of Acoustic shields

SonorSoft is a software package that simulates acoustic propagation in the mid to high frequency range in order to optimize acoustic environments, particularly in the vehicle industries. This global process allows for the optimal design of acoustic shields with the following characteristics :

  • Experimental characterization of source radiation
  • Acoustic material characterization
  • Modelling of the source in its environment: SONOR software
  • Numerical optimization of the acoustic shields
  • Design and manufacturing of acoustic shields


  • Acoustic shields for vehicle exterior noise (Automotive, Truck, Railway)
  • Machinery noise
  • Aeronautics
  • Adherence to pass-by noise regulations
  • Acoustic comfort inside vehicles

SONOR Software :

  • Boundary Energy Element Method (BEEM) for medium to high frequencies ([500-5000] Hz)
  • Fast and robust,
  • Adapted for calculation of multi-load cases

logo SonorSoft


material radiometry simulation
acoustic imagery antenna
screen covering optimization
motor environmental shiled
souce localization quantification

Vibrabench, test benches by Vibratec, offers you turnkey test bench services to assist you with your product assessment. From design to product validation, VibraBench will assist you through your complete product development cycle with :

  • characterization test benches
  • performance/endurance test benches
  • End of production line test benches
  • Determination of the optimal concept to characterize and validate your product
  • Mechanical design of the test bench
  • Development of the test bench automation and acquisition chain
  • Delivery of the equipment
  • Execution of the test
  • Analysis of the measured physical parameters

logo VibraBench


robust life expentancy
banc essai conception
equipement component validation
dynamic acquisition interpretation

Vibro-acoustics of gear transmission

Consultancy services providing a full methodology for new design predictions or troubleshooting of existing designs to understand and remediate the correlation between gearbox casing dynamic behaviour and pinion specification (transmission error, micro & macro geometry) for whine, rattle and hammer over a range of torques. Our methodology represents complete gearbox and driveline dynamic behaviour and their application to structural reliability and noise.

Applications : spur and helical gears, epicycle gears, multi-stage gearboxes

Software features : specific frequency solver, fast computation.

Teeth microgeometry and housing optimization to reduce radiated noise

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sirenement claquement engrenement

Electromagnetic related Noise, Vibration and Structural Dynamics

Combining an electromagnetic simulation with a unique mapping tool to create 3D dynamic simulations of your electric machine, VibraVolt produces an acoustic simulation of your system which allows fundamental refinements to be applied and resolves acoustic or vibratory issues at their source. VibraVolt is able to provide a complete and powerful virtual design process for the optimization of the electromagnetic, mechanical, or NVH performance of your electric machine including PWM (Pulse Width Modulation).

Applications :

Features : coupling between state of the art Electromagnetic simulation software (FLUX, MAXWELL) and Structural Dynamic software (NASTRAN)

logo VibraVolt


Emachine Maxwel pressure
optimisation elecromagnetique dynamique
Emachine dynamic response
Emachine electric current
Emachine acoustic radiation

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