• 25/06/2019
    Bearing and gear fault detection using Machine Learning
  • 17/06/2019
    Annual Meeting : French Mechanics Association Rotating Equipment Committee
  • 13/06/2019
    Railway monitoring: Autonomous Embedded Vibroacoustic
  • 11/06/2019
    XIX International Wheelset Congress: “IWC” in Venice, 16th -20th June, 2019
  • 29/05/2019
    International Congress: “SIA POWER TRAIN & ELECTRONICS” in Port Marly (Paris), 11 -13th June, 2019
  • 21/05/2019
    European Test and Telemetry Conference (ETTC 2019)
  • 09/05/2019
    25th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference, 20-23 May 2019, Delft, Netherlands
  • 02/05/2019
    Vehicle Symposium EVS32 « A world of E MOTION » in Lyon (France), May 19 – 22nd, 2019
  • 19/03/2019
    There are no passengers on spaceship earth.
  • 06/03/2019
    Improve your skills in our springtime training sessions
  • 26/02/2019
    Acoustic Optimization of E-Machines
  • 19/02/2019
    VIBRATEC is now proposing a maintenance aid service for railway networks
  • 05/02/2019
    2 days dedicated to Signal Processing
  • 10/01/2019
    VibraTec training – sessions in March 2018
  • 11/12/2018
    ShareLab – invite yourself to VibraTec !
  • 15/11/2018
    Why wait to schedule your 2019 training programs ?
  • 11/09/2018
    CM 2018 in Delft, Netherlands: Rail joint dynamic forces computations, including rail plasticity
  • 31/08/2018
    September 2018 International Railway Conference : ‘Rad-Schiene’ in Dresden
  • 23/08/2018
    Dealing with gear noise of real industrial systems: an overview of the difficulties and the achievements
  • 31/07/2018
    VibraTec – European partner for tomorrow’s cities
  • 17/07/2018
    Acoustic design of Trains and Tracks
  • 06/04/2018
    Come and meet VibraTec at TRA 2018
  • 20/03/2018
    Comprehensive innovative monitoring solutions to be presented at ACHEMA
  • 14/03/2018
    VibraTec very first railway seminar in Malaysia !
  • 18/09/2017
    Why wait to schedule your 2018 training programs ?
  • 18/07/2017
    VibraTec’s training programs referenced by DataDock
  • 04/07/2017
    VibraTec – tackling railway measurement & simulation issues for more than 30 years !
  • 07/06/2017
    Controlling joints to improve railway infrastructure reliability
  • 01/06/2017
    Dynamic response: a pertinent indication of structural mechanical reliability
  • 03/05/2017
    VibraTec Asia Pacific to be part of Rail Solutions Asia 2017
  • 04/04/2017
    COnnected MAintenance using VIbration measurements
Ground-borne noise / vibration

VibraTec is able to call on a large database of actual results, established from over 30 years of measurements on rolling stock and lines. This extensive database allows Vibratec to use real data for most scenarios and therefore bring a realistic approach to the design process. VibraTec is able to develop technical specifications for project equipment and infrastructures to enable the project to achieve the objectives of lifetime, acoustic and vibratory comfort and environmental impact. VibraTec’s experts understand the constraints of rolling stock and the dynamic interaction on bogie or body onboard equipment. With extensive experience of infrastructures and different track components, Vibratec are able to establish representative computational models for elements such as ground vibration, noise pollution, lifetime and durability etc. Application case: 3rd rail current collection shoe

VibraTec has developed a calculation method to optimize design depending on the loads present in operation. VibraTec is able to design mechanical components according to existing standards (NF EN 61 373, NF EN 12 663, etc.). Where the standards do not provide sufficient guidance to obtain a robust design, Vibratec has developed an equivalent damage approach. VibraTec has extensive experience in writing technical specifications for equipment manufacturers and test laboratories. VibraTec is able to provide complete monitoring laboratory tests which include all necessary instrumentation.

Rolling stock and onboard equipment

diagnostic fatigue fiabilite

VibraTec provides consultancy at all project levels throughout the construction process of new lines, from design to construction site verification and commissioning.  This process includes optimization of new line installation, highlighting the potential risk of Ground-borne noise and vibration. Application case: ground-borne vibration

Ground-borne noise and vibration

voie ferree-tramway-conception

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