Multi-objective optimization of electric machines (NVH, performance, efficiency)

SIA POWERTRAIN, Port Marly, Paris (France), 12-13 June 2019

Designing an electrical machine is a complex process that involves many physics, objectives and constraints. Mechanical, thermal and energy performances are usually evaluated and optimized. On the other hand, the acoustic behavior of the machine is very rarely considered during the design phase. Yet this is a crucial point. Indeed, the noise radiated by an electrical motor is very different from the one generated by an internal combustion engine. It is characterized by the emergence of high-frequency pure tones that can be annoying and badly perceived by drivers. This noise is closely related to the electromagnetic design of the machine. Taking it into account right from the design stage keeps it under control. The advantages are many: high quality products, time and money savings (no later design changes, no heavy and expensive countermeasures).