Computing & minimizing whining noise - Application to a bogie gearbox

VDI Munich (Germany), 13 September 2017

The meshing process is usually the main excitation source in gearboxes. Indeed, it is commonly assumed that static transmission error (STE) and gear mesh stiffness fluctuations are responsible of noise radiated by the gearbox. They generate dynamic mesh forces which are transmitted to the housing through wheel bodies, shafts and bearings. Housing vibratory state is directly related to the noise radiated from the gearbox (whining noise). This work presents an efficient method to model the whining noise. The two main steps are to compute the excitation source and then to compute the dynamic response of the gearbox.

All that procedure is here applied to a complete gearbox bogie, with two stages of meshes. The system is a real railway gearbox which includes wheels, axle, stator, and motor as well as the housing and the gears. Comparison with experiments will be shown.