Simulation de bruit de moteur électrique-influence des défauts

CFM, Lyon (France), 24-28 August 2015

A multiphysical simulation methodology is used to estimate the noise radiated by an electric motor due to electromagnetic excitations. This is a 3-step method. Electromagnetic excitations are obtained with the aid of an electromagnetic solver. Then, they are projected onto the structural model of the machine and dynamic responses can be calculated. Finally the noise radiated by the machine is obtained through an acoustic model (analytical, finite elements…).

In this paper, this method is used to analyze the influence of motor faults on radiated noise. Several faults are considered: static eccentricity, dynamic eccentricity and short circuit between loops of a phase. These faults increase the complexity of the electromagnetic excitations in terms of space distribution as well as frequency content. As a consequence, the faults add new contribution to the noise spectrum.