• 11/09/2018
    CM 2018 in Delft, Netherlands: Rail joint dynamic forces computations, including rail plasticity
  • 31/08/2018
    September 2018 International Railway Conference : ‘Rad-Schiene’ in Dresden
  • 23/08/2018
    Dealing with gear noise of real industrial systems: an overview of the difficulties and the achievements
  • 21/08/2018
    There’s still time to use your 2018 training budgets
  • 14/08/2018
    ShareLab – invite yourself to VibraTec !
  • 07/08/2018
    Improve your skills in our October training sessions
  • 31/07/2018
    VibraTec – European partner for tomorrow’s cities
  • 17/07/2018
    Acoustic design of Trains and Tracks
  • 11/07/2018
    Get your school year off to a good start – with some professional training !
  • 28/06/2018
    ASME Pressure Vessels and Piping (PVP2018) Conference – VibraTec to publish our technical developments
  • 15/06/2018
    Bayesian focalisation applied to wind tunnels – AIAA/CEAS conference Atlanta
  • 13/06/2018
    ISNVH Congress in Graz Austria: June 20th – 22nd, 2018
  • 29/05/2018
    Customized asset management and monitoring solutions: learn about at Achema, from 11th to 15th of June 2018
  • 21/05/2018
    2018 Vibratec China Activities
  • 17/05/2018
    Piping Vibration Training Kuala Lumpur on 16th Jul 2018
  • 09/05/2018
    VibraTec at the ENOVA Toulouse event on the 30th and 31st of May 2018
  • 02/05/2018
    Vibratec awarded by the CLEANSKY 2 to develop an instrumented engine cradle for the turboprop demonstrator ground test with SAFRAN Helicopters Engines
  • 27/04/2018
    LUG2 project at NOVEM 2018
  • 10/04/2018
    Managing MEMs microphone calibration – MicrodB will share its findings at the 14th French Acoustic Congress in Le Havre from April 23rd to 27th.
  • 01/03/2018
    The JASA (Journal of the Acoustical Society of America) chooses MicrodB as the latest Technical Area Pick in Signal Processing
  • 22/02/2018
    Non-intrusive pipe pressure measurements – a dream come true !
  • 15/11/2017
    Fatigue Design 2017: Innovative numerical fatigue methodology for piping systems: qualifying Acoustic Induced Vibration (AIV)
  • 05/10/2017
    AIV – FIV: VibraTec’s your one-stop piping expert !
  • 18/09/2017
    Why wait to schedule your 2018 training programs ?
  • 08/08/2017
    VibraTec’s R&D is in the pipeline !
  • 18/07/2017
    VibraTec’s training programs referenced by DataDock
  • 20/06/2017
    Using Particle Image Velocimetry to address piping FIV issues
New projects

We have a long tradition of solving problems worldwide using both analytical and experimental capabilities: more reliability, less noise, more comfort, less weight, better and faster design, lower production cost.


structure design reliability
worldwide installation diagnosis
noise vibration training
security hygiene environment

From FEED through EPC to commissioning, Vibratec are able to provide expert support to control the noise and vibration issues for your asset.

Our contribution to projects typically comprises, but is not limited to:

  • Issue of specifications:
  • Definition and writing of general company and project specifications;
  • Providing dynamic guidelines for structures, vibrating equipment, piping and supports; and
  • Acoustic specifications and guidelines in design of operational plants, living quarters and control rooms.
  • Engineering studies:
  • Scope of work definition; and
  • Basic & detailed noise & vibration studies.
  • Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) and construction follow-up:
  • Inspection during construction;
  • FAT noise & vibration measurements; and
  • Commissioning surveys.

The success of our strategy is derived from our understanding of the project organization and relies on our excellent collaboration and communication with client’s Mechanical, Structural and HSE teams throughout the project.

New projects

complete global design
FPSO noise map
platform modification simulation

Vibratec’s methodologies and expertise provide improvements in the reliability of your facilities and anticipate potential problems that may arise. With respect to vibration and noise, our approach ensures that your facility can increase production life and maximize production efficiency with minimum risk to the health and safety of your personnel.

Our simulation work comprises, but is not limited to:

  • Confirmation that vibration levels on rotating equipment are acceptable and will not reduce the operational duration of its life;
  • Computation of vibration and / or noise maps to be compared to Human Exposure limits; and
  • Modification of the design to avoid the risk of re-enforced resonances (coincidence between equipment excitation frequencies and the natural frequencies of the structure).


Design assistance

As an experienced engineering consultancy supporting you throughout your projects, Vibratec will provide you:

  • Expertise: During early stages of the design process, Vibratec are your technical expert in project meetings to review procedures, data and drawings and provide all necessary preliminary recommendations regarding structural, acoustic and mechanical aspects.
  • Knowledge of the main Companies’ noise and vibration philosophies: The main points are to issue adapted specifications and to guide and control the necessary studies to be performed.
  • Interface between Engineering / Company and the machine Suppliers: Vibratec provide liaison with equipment suppliers to help ensure that machinery meets noise and vibration specifications or has any necessary noise / vibration control options applied.


technical design experrtise
vibro acoustic design assistance

We provide a wide range of environmental and occupational noise and vibration solutions focused on achieving the most benefit for lowest cost, improving the working conditions, safety and environmental performance of your operations. We are experts in resolving the causes and effects of vibration and noise and are focused on helping you solve the toughest technical design and operational challenges in the most efficient end cost-effective manner.


Noise generated by your installation has regulatory requirements and limits placed upon it for health, safety and the environment. Vibratec can determine the extent of your noise and vibration emissions at design or operational stages. Noise maps highlight the areas contributing most to any limit exceedances. Our expertise and established, proven methodologies help our clients to focus their efforts on the most important areas and equipment responsible for any exceedance. The solutions for control measures in these focused areas are practical and effective, allowing compliance to be achieved for the minimum necessary cost and disruption.

The following items shall be under control:

  • Workers’ exposure to noise,
  • Acoustic impact on the local environment, or residential areas in the case of an onshore plant.


FPSO acoustic map
platform noise study

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