Risk assessment
Acceptance Tests

From basic design to commissioning, Vibratec can support all of your needs for the noise and vibration control of your equipment packages.


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Design assistance

We provide assistance to equipment suppliers at the design stage of packages for the control of :

  • Vibration
  • Acoustics
  • Research & Development

Factory Acceptance Testing

It is often necessary to show conformity to equipment noise & vibration requirements during the Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) or the on-site start-up phase. Vibratec are highly experienced in undertaking such vibration and noise measurements.
Should equipment be found to not meet project requirements, Vibratec are highly skilled in identifying the cause of non-conformance and recommending practicable solutions to ensure compliance.

Risk assessment

VIBRATION:  Package vibration, resulting in coincidence between natural modes and mechanical excitations, should be avoided wherever possible. Using Finite Element methods, our engineers can identify and propose structural modifications (e.g. baseplate beams, local reinforcements) or fixation point improvements (e.g. Anti-Vibration Mountings).

ACOUSTICS:  Our engineers can provide practical recommendations regarding the design of sound attenuation devices (e.g. enclosures, pulsation dampers, etc.).

RESEARCH & DEVLOPMENT : Vibratec has developed close relations with manufacturers’ research and development teams to assist in improving the design of their equipment. From the smallest component to the largest turbines, Vibratec is able to bring its extensive, expert experience to be able to model, measure and validate new products.


baseplate noise enclosure
equipment vibration analysis
machine design study

Vibratec is able to validate equipment noise and vibration levels with reference to project and standard noise and vibration specifications (API, ISO, etc.). We are able to undertake measurements during Full Load / Full Speed tests :

  • Vibration level measurements;
  • Operational Deformation Shape (ODS);
  • Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA);
  • Sound pressure measurements;
  • Sound intensity measurements;
  • Acoustic camera.

Factory Acceptance Tests

acoustic intensimetry FAT
equipment noise analysis
machine vibration measurements

Technicians - we are recruiting !

If you are a noise &/or vibration specialist, this could be the perfect occasion to enrich your experience: our group, well-known for its expertise in acoustics and structural dynamics, works on very diversified projects.