VibraTec has over 30 years of experience working in the nuclear industry, including operations onsite for diagnosis on sensitive equipment (take-off lines, pumps, alternators) and for the nuclear fuel transportation industry. Our expertise includes:

  • Calculation and seismic testing;
  • Fatigue analysis, modal analysis, design assistance;
  • Determination of operational loads for nuclear fuel transportation (rolling tests);
  • Resistance to vibration and shocks of nuclear fuel packages;
  • Container drop tests.


transport nucleaire vibration
Nucleaire Energie Vibrations
equipement nucleaire reseau

VibraTec is able to provide consultancy services to create specifications for products and equipment, determining performance criteria, prioritizing development and writing specifications. Our aim is to provide criteria and development procedures to match our clients’ needs, to reduce time and to give confidence in meeting development requirements. Vibratec provides support for: Defining indicators and critical levels of vibration and  acoustics, Determining operational loads from dedicated tests or from our extensive database of actual measured data, Developing compliance procedures and test adjustments to avoid over-specification. VibraTec guarantees a specification of your equipment that is consistent with its real loading, while complying with your constraints of quality (standards) and cost.


Following the evolution of standards, products often need updates to comply with new legislative requirements. VibraTec can provide ongoing improvement of equipment NVH and mechanical reliability, within the frame of directives and standards such as 2000/14/CE directive, MIL-STD-810, DO160 and other ISO standards. VibraTec is able to specify requirements regarding mechanical strength, workers’ health exposure, sound power, noise emissions etc.

Accelerated testing

Severe dynamic excitation of equipment should be taken into account during the specification stage of product development:

  • For dynamic loads throughout the product life cycle: transportation, operating conditions, shocks and risk events & product operating environment.
  • Definition of a realistic development plan accounting for increased excitation levels (PSD or SRS, accelerated testing).

Controlling loads during the conception stage realizes a design in accordance with the actual excitation, thus improving reliability.  Unrealistic load levels lead to either under-specification or over-specification, resulting in additional cost in conception, production and/or maintenance. Accelerated testing can validate the mechanical strength of the product. The robustness of the design can be validated either by modeling or testing.


puissance acoustique
specification chargement cycle
exposition travailleur directive
pression acoustique
DSP SRC severisation

During the conception stage, VibraTec is able to support the selection of relevant simulation strategies, thus strengthening  the validity of the model and optimizing the design. VibraTec’s expansive range of modeling capabilities makes it possible to: Characterize operational loads; Optimize product architecture taking into account relevant mechanisms (mass, stiffness, damping, viscosity); Predict and quantify  the dynamic, acoustic and mechanical response of systems; Setup virtual prototypes by validating models through experimental fitting procedures; Define optimization procedures and equipment sensitivity analyses; Develop specific tools and methods. By providing a complete modeling suite, Vibratec can strengthen model accuracy, minimizing the prototype testing phase and resulting in an optimized product which meets the necessary requirements without any surprises or additional costs.

Modeling Capability

VibraTec has setup a global and optimized suite of modeling tools in order to guarantee product reliability. Simulations enable risk anticipation, robustness and design optimization. Finite Element Models cover a wide range of analyses, from solid dynamics to kinematics and acoustics. Simulations can handle linear behavior or complex non-linear responses, as well as multi-physics and multi-body interactions. Virtual prototypes and multi-criteria optimization can then be undertaken. Using extensive expertise, validated calculation procedures, robust tools and digital analyses tailored to the clients’ needs ensures the correct outcome in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.

Experimental Simulation

While the experimental qualification of products requires building prototypes and therefore advanced design and important testing costs, simulation enables quicker testing of virtual prototypes without additional costs. Correlating skills in measurement and computation, Vibratec develops numerical models validated with experimental testing and subsequently performs numerical testing including the effect of realistic loads. Virtual prototypes reinforce the product conception by multiplying optimized solutions with multiple criteria whilst simultaneously reducing costs.


modelisation prototype numerique
prototype essai transport
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modelisation prototype virtuel

From standardized to non-conventional testing, VibraTec has established a reputation for undertaking measurements even in the worst conditions.  In severe environments, or adapting instrumentation for use on rotating parts, VibraTec has developed and adapted measurement techniques and innovative, dedicated sensors to suit client needs. By utilizing extensive and innovative know-how in the experimental setup, the definition of measurement procedures and the choice of instrumentation, VibraTec is able to ensure clients receive the most effective test regimes and correct, traceable results for  their compliance needs. VibraTec has a dedicated test laboratory, with a full suite of sensors; contact or contactless, rotating or steady, microphones, accelerometers, strain gauges, pressure transducers, hydrophones etc. In addition to our dedicated laboratory, VibraTec staff can operate with portable equipment on client’s sites anywhere in the world.

Environment testing

VibraTec can support your mechanical, vibration and acoustic qualification campaigns:

  • Before testing, by designing the test setup and optimizing the test program;
  • During the tests, from instrumentation to complementary measurements, data acquisition and analysis;
  • After the tests, through expert data analysis, recommendations for industrial solutions, data delivery and reporting.

Environment testing requires an adequate design of the receiving structure. Our skills in test bench design guarantees the quality of your test facility. Our expertise in accelerated testing calculation enables realistic excitation conditions for your qualification tests. Our wide range of methods combined with our instrumentation diversity provides you the adequate testing quality.

Test bench

In assembly phases, we develop specific products to control components and monitor their conformity.


Test & Compliance

essais environnement climatique
qualification installation
vibration thermique essais
mecanique vibration chimique

When an incident occurs (breakage of a fender, a filter bracket, a ventilator grid; fissuring of an exhaust manifold…), VibraTec understands the need to ensure the fault is fixed as soon as possible. Doing so ensures the safety of personnel, protection of the local environment and the ability to re-establish operations also reduces any financial losses that may occur. An adapted diagnosis will highlight the involved phenomena, providing understanding of the causes which subsequently allows a rapid optimization of the necessary modifications. A combination of VibraTec’s appreciation of a client’s needs, plus a dedicated, flexible attitude results in mobilization of human and material resources within a few days after the first contact, at the clients request. VibraTec’s world-class engineers will be able to find the origin of even the toughest vibration, acoustic or mechanical strength problem, and subsequently provide effective, practical solutions to resolve the issue and get equipment/processes operating again as quickly as possible. With a history of success in managing critical issues quickly and effectively, VibraTec has earned itself a reputation of solving the toughest problems and crises with the utmost efficiency.

Risk monitoring

Risk monitoring is crucial to ensure production rates are maintained. VibraTec is able to provide support to: Design methodologies for noise and vibration monitoring Instrumenting pipelines, equipment and structures Monitoring systems and methodologies require a good knowledge of the systems and both likely and possible risks. Through diagnosis, Vibratec is able to identify processes that are at risk and potential causes of problems or failure. By developing cooperative partnerships with production and maintenance teams, Vibratec is able to find the right tools and methods to meet system needs. Ranging from a single monitoring accelerometer to an entire control system, Vibratec is able to provide support in the implementation of solutions and controls that are most effective and cost efficient, ensuring ongoing production is achievable.


By applying advanced diagnostics and expertise, Vibratec excels at identifying the causes of failure. By concentrating on this crucial element of the process, it becomes increasingly efficient to determine the most practical solutions at hand. This is done in sympathy with the needs of the client and with the technical and process needs of the system. This process ensures that the client is able to make the best decision under the constraints of practicality, technology, environment, cost, maintenance, reliability and plant life. Once a solution has been implemented, Vibratec is able to undertake the necessary measurements and analyses to ensure that the solution has been effective and will provide the correct performance required.


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