PORTRAIT #3 – Rémi SALANON, Project Manager

Our third employee portrait is here! Meet Rémi SALANON, who joined VibraTec 14 years ago as a simulation engineer and is now a project manager. Discover his career and evolution…

 How did you get to VibraTec?

After having gone to prep school, I became a mechanical engineer, graduating from the National School of Mechanics and Microtechnology in Besançon. That’s when I developed a taste for calculations and vibration.

When I left school, I applied to VibraTec for a position as a simulation engineer. I had already done an internship on building vibrations in the United States, and another one where I had done some calculations. It was a good match for the position, and I think that’s what helped me get hired.

For two years, I did simulations in mechanical calculation with various fields of application, even though I was hired at a time when the “Oil & Gas” department was growing rapidly and the majority the projects were related to this sector.

How did your job evolve?

I then went on a mission at GENERAL ELECTRIC in Belfort, whose goal was to develop a calculation method on gas turbines’ shaft lines. Being in an SME, it was a real opportunity to integrate a multinational company and to work on a rather specialized subject. Nevertheless, I continued to have the support of VibraTec; Stéphane TEPPE joined me every two weeks to follow the mission’s progress. After 8 months, I returned to VibraTec headquarters and was officially integrated in the Oil & Gas team, still in strong growth.

In 2010, I became a realization manager, and more and more involved in the piping vibration theme. In 2014, I moved to the position of project manager, which involves more relationship with clients. I’m still a project manager today, but with a higher volume and more complexity. More recently, I also had the opportunity to replace Agnès GERPHAGNON during her maternity leave, as head of the “Oil & Gas” department.

In parallel to all this, I have taken on other roles. For example, the “test bench” group. Some of the people who were interested had the objective of increasing their competence in this new area for VibraTec. This is a side group, not limited to the “Oil & Gas” department. It allowed me to see other things. I was also involved in quality, with the objective of improving the way we manage projects.

To sum up, I would say that my evolution is not only growing, it is also and above all transverse.

What do you take away from this experience as a department manager?

I became department manager in the somewhat particular context of the Covid lock-down. Having to manage these new functions, 100% telecommuting, was not always easy. It was a stressful period and the team had a lot of questions. I had to bridge the gap between them and the management. But I think that some good things came out of it. We are more attentive to our colleagues and our clients, and they are more attentive to us. Maybe we care more about each other now.

The job involves two major responsibilities; the team and the bottom line. While I enjoyed the “human” aspect, I was less familiar with the commercial part. It is formative, you learn about yourself. I now know that, in the future, managing a team is something I would like to do.

What is your favorite part of the job?

I particularly enjoy working on international projects. First, because it made me travel; to the Emirates, Korea, Brazil. The Covid crisis showed that it wasn’t necessarily useful and that we can do most things remotely. Those days are gone, and fortunately for the environment, but I have good memories of them.

This, I find the international aspect today in my collaboration with our subsidiary in Malaysia. I really enjoy working with them and helping them to improve their skills.

In any case, it is interesting to see the cultural differences in the work. Sometimes it leads to misunderstandings, so you have to be flexible and adaptable, but that’s what I like.

So you’ve been with VibraTec for 14 years: what keeps you going? 

It’s true that, except for my internships, I haven’t worked for any other company than VibraTec. This is quite atypical compared to my former classmates, most of whom have worked for two or three companies since graduating. However, I don’t feel like I’ve been doing the same job for 14 years. I always had a new challenge that came at the right time when I could have gotten bored.

I’ve also had access to a lot of training, both at my request and at VibraTec’s request. We are given the means to develop our skills, be they technical or in project management, for example. In addition to the training provided by “external” organizations, there is a very strong culture of knowledge transfer here.

This allows me to make the link with the working environment. This is a key element. Working with friends is not given to everyone. Many of us arrived at the same time. We were in the same age group, from the same engineering school “mold”, so inevitably we had common interests. We saw each other a lot outside the office, and even if it’s a little less the case today with our family lives, it’s still nice to find these core friendships at work.

How do you balance your work and family life?

Telecommuting helps to improve this balance. It’s very important, especially when you become a parent. Our life is necessarily very much focused on our son and we make sure we have time to spend with him. That’s why I now work part-time, 90% : every other Friday is “free”. This is quite common at VibraTec, even among the men. But you have to be careful not to try to fit 100% into a part-time schedule. That’s the trap! So I make sure I don’t work late on Thursday nights to make up for my Friday, otherwise there’s no point.

With my wife, we also like to travel a lot. We haven’t been around the world, but we’ve seen a lot of countries. We plan to travel with our son soon. I would like to go back to Asia in particular. 

Rémi SALANON, Project manager

PORTRAIT #2 – Murielle DJENDO SCHMAUTZ, Accountant

For this second portrait, we invite you to discover Murielle DJENDO SCHMAUTZ, accountant at Vibratec for more than 11 years. And once you’ve met her, you can’t continue to believe the stereotype of the unfriendly accountant!

What was your background before coming to Vibratec?

After a DUT GEA, I arrived on the job market as a sales assistant. Two years later I joined a first accounting firm in Bron. For three years, I learned little by little the profession of accountant. First as an accounting secretary, with a majority of administrative tasks, before evolving and having my own files.

Then, I left for a bigger firm in Caluire, I stayed there for 7 years. I therefore total 10 years of experience in law firm. I think it’s instructive to start with that, you learn the basics of accounting and our client portfolio is very diversified.

Nevertheless, I had the feeling of having done the trick. So I joined an SME as sole accountant to replace maternity leave. I enjoyed doing everything from start to finish. We are also much less in a rush than in the office.

At the end of this replacement, I joined Vibratec through the interim, at the end of January 2011. After 1 year, the increase in activity having been confirmed, I was hired on a permanent contract.

What are your specific duties as an accountant?

Initially, my missions mainly focused on the processing of expense reports and the management of Vibratec’s suppliers. Today I am in charge of purchases, sales, expense reports, banks, VAT and Vibrateam account management. I also retained the sales and management of Vibratec’s bank accounts and all customer invoicing. Part of my job also consists of following up with customers in the event of non-payment. A role that earned me the amusing nickname of “cash-machine” with some of my colleagues.

The work of an accountant is greatly punctuated by the calendar. There are the annual obligations to which all companies are subject (balance sheet, income statement, etc.), but also a well-established monthly schedule; expense reports, for example, are processed every tenth of the month. Deadlines to which are added the vagaries of everyday life, of course.

My missions are therefore quite diversified, they have evolved well over time, which makes it possible not to get bored. I also appreciate having a lot of autonomy. Within our team, everyone manages their part, knowing that the others are there when needed.

You didn’t know the industry, is that a problem?

It’s true, I didn’t know the industry at all. It’s not a problem, you learn on the job, and even today, I continue to learn. It just takes curiosity. When studies are carried out in our lab, I go for a walk and I ask questions. Colleagues always take the time to answer and popularize the information very well. This makes it possible to make more concrete the things that are invoiced and which can be a little abstract.

How has your position evolved over the years?

Given the size of the company, there is no “everything” manager as can be done in some groups.

In 2019, on my personal initiative, I still wanted to pass my accounting manager certification.

In accounting, we take automatisms but some rules are bound to change, I wanted to update my skills. Vibratec supported me in this process by financing part of the training. I was also entitled to dedicated hours on my working time, which I found really great.

A little anecdote; after passing my exam, which was done remotely, I received a mark of zero! I who thought I had succeeded…I had in fact sent all my empty Excel files. I had to go to resit and finally, I passed my certification with honors! More fear than harm.

We hear more and more about work/life balance, what do you think?

This is an essential point, especially when you have children!

In 2015, I was away for a little over a year when I became a mother for the third time. I then slowly returned to part-time, first at 60% then at 80%. A request that was very well received by Aymeric, our financial director. Today, I’m still off on Children’s Day Wednesdays…and a bit of mommy since they’re growing up!

Part-time work is frequent at Vibratec, but it results from the request of the employees themselves. Including dads, which is pretty rare! This flexibility is also found in telework. I do it half the time, and even if I like coming to the office, being able to avoid a long bus ride on certain days is appreciable. There are also tasks that I prefer to do from home, such as customer reminders on the phone, for example.

What do you see as other strengths of Vibratec?

Without hesitation, it is the people who work there. We cannot have affinities with everyone, but it is essential to evolve in a good general atmosphere. That’s what I found here, and that’s a big part of what keeps you in a company for eleven years.

The people are really nice and open-minded, newcomers are always welcomed. We find very different personalities at Vibratec, but it is this mix that makes it work well.

What if you hadn’t been an accountant?

As a child, I dreamed of being a professional basketball player. For a long time, I couldn’t watch the girls play, I had a little pang in my heart not to be in their place. It’s a passion that I still keep today, as a great ASVEL supporter and NBA fan.

Otherwise, I like to read a lot, I am interested in political news. I need to understand societal issues and I like to debate them. I am naturally empathetic, the other does not indifferent to me, but I try to take some distance sometimes because it can be quickly overwhelming. We must preserve ourselves without falling into navel-gazing.

A priori, the profession of accountant does not necessarily illustrate empathy, but we know that social professions are not rewarded at their fair value unfortunately.

One day, why not go to Congo where my parents and my husband are from. I could see myself living there, going back to something more essential and simple; cultivating the land, for example. A large part of my family still lives there. I haven’t been there since 2004, so I just want to go back, at least for a vacation at first.

See you next month for our third portrait!


H2020 ECO DRIVE Public Industrial Workshop

Over the next 30 years, as we shift towards Electric Vehicles (EVs), downsized IC (Internal Combustion) engines and hybrids with eco-powertrains will be central to the automotive sector. The H2020 ECO DRIVE program develops new technologies for the testing and simulation of eco-powertrains, addressing the complex challenges related to combustion noise, the irritating sound from electric motors, transmission-induced NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) and driveline torsional vibrations, leading to new designs with improved eco-efficiency and NVH performance. Involving 9 European beneficiaries from leading academic institutions, top research centres and Europe’s premier vehicle producers, this project offers a multi-disciplinary research-training program to 13 ESRs (Early-Stage Researchers), with the ultimate aim being to create a new generation of NVH professionals for the transport sector.

In this framework, MicrodB, associated with UNIVPM (Università Politecnica delle Marche) will hold a public industrial workshop on 23rd and 24th of June 2022 at the Faculty of Engineering of Ancona, Italy.

This public event will aim at disseminate the multiple outputs of ECO DRIVE program in terms of methods, tools, processes and metrics developped to answer the challenges met by the automotive & NVH community. With talks from both ESRs and industrial speakers (Stellantis, BMW, SISW and VibraTec-MicrodB), this event intends to highlight industrial strategies and state-of-the-art research to reduce noise and vibrations of future electric vehicles.

As Industrial Speaker, Dr Martin Jeannerot (VibraTec) will present an overview of almost 20 years of VibraTec experience in electric motors NVH.

ESR Kalasagarreddi Kottakota (MicrodB) will outline his sound source localization technique dedicated to track engine orders in non-stationary regimes.

More information at : https://h2020-ecodrive.eu/eco-drive-public-workshop-ancona/


PORTRAIT #1 – Gérald Monchalin, MicroDB Production Manager

For this first portrait, let us introduce you to Gérald MONCHALIN. From “adventurous” technician to MicroDB production manager, discover his evolution in 18 years of career within the group.

 How did you arrive at VibraTec?

After an IUT in “Physical Measurements”, I joined AVTECH in a work-study program within the Caterpillar group. I then met Lionel, department manager at VibraTec. That’s the advantage of AVTECH: a school created by industrialists to meet the needs of industrialists; it’s an excellent way to make contacts.

 I was immediately interested in VibraTec, but no recruitment was underway at the time. Shortly thereafter, an ad was published: I sent my CV, and only 3 days later, I was hired as an acoustics and vibration technician at first.

 How has your job evolved over the years?

As a technician, I traveled extensively to perform acoustic and vibration measurements on a variety of industrial machines and structures, including nuclear power plants and offshore oil facilities.

During my first years, it was easier to count my days at home, rather than travelling. 

Then, I needed a more sedentary life to reconcile work with my family life, so I turned to mechanical calculation. It was as annoying as it was challenging to have to relearn everything, but I loved it!

This path allowed me to experience the 4 facets of VibraTec’s business: measurement, calculation, acoustics and vibration.

 In 2017, MicroDB approached me; they needed someone versatile and technical for a one-year period. After a year, a position opened up in acoustic array production and maintenance, so I changed my job completely. This year I officially became the production manager, which means that I was able to leverage these new skills.

This evolution was possible because of my desire to learn and understand, combined with VibraTec’s trust and recognition. All this in a win/win logic.

 What does your job as “Production Manager” at MicroDB involve?

My missions are very varied, and that’s what I like.

 I manage the reception of orders and the order validation process; I confirm that the material is functional and in the right quantity. I am in charge of stocks and component management, but also of purchasing, so I am in daily contact with our suppliers.

 In addition to these recurring missions, there was a lot of background work (coordination) to be done, especially for quality and processes. There was a lot to do, and we have evolved a lot since then. In concrete terms, when I arrived, it took us two days to prepare an array; today we are ready to send it to the customer in just one day. This saves a lot of time for us and for our customers.

 Finally, as an AVTECH tutor, my goal is to pass on this methodology to the students we welcome. As with Laury this year, I make sure that they assimilate the procedure and make it their own.

Is your experience as a technician an asset in your new position?

Yes, I think I’ve really been able to capitalize on my technical skills.

In projects such as DB Flash for example, my experience allows me to have a quick understanding of the problem and a critical look at the acoustic point of view in order to orientate the design, the acoustic validation tests, etc.

I don’t do the testing myself, I help/supervise Laury with this mission. Then we can compare notes and debrief, which a person with a background only in production and maintenance could not necessarily do.

 Is there a project or a mission that has marked you more than the others?

No, there isn’t really a project or an assignment in particular! Generally speaking, I have fond memories of “offshore” trips, for the places I have visited and the good times with colleagues and clients.

There is also the “adventure” aspect; the conditions on-board are particular and our freedom is restricted. They were even more so before; with no internet connection and only one authorized call per week, we really felt cut off from the world.

What is common to each of these missions and what I particularly remember is the feeling of being truly needed by our client and the satisfaction of having helped them once the problem was solved.

 When you’ve spent so much time traveling, don’t you miss it (even a little)?

No! After 12 years of travel, I longed for something else. “We know when we leave, not when we come home”. In my eyes, this wasn’t compatible with my family life. 

And finally, I had the impression that I’d done it all. These trips had become my comfort zone; no matter where I was and what problem I had to solve, I knew it would do it! I needed a new challenge.

 Finally, what is it about VibraTec that keeps you interested after 18 years?

The opportunities for evolution, which are certainly not as open elsewhere! For some of my colleagues, the development of their skills included returning to school for engineering degrees; for me it’s been through internal mobility, which makes my career at VibraTec very atypical.

The work atmosphere is also a big part of it! I’ve made some real friends here, especially through travel. Again, I don’t think I’ll find that anywhere else.

If I were to leave VibraTec one day, it would be because I feel that I could contribute more to another company, not out of frustration or bitterness.


See you next month for portrait #2 ! 


Gérald Monchalin

Our training now QUALIOPI certified!

Qualiopi certification has become a legal obligation, approved by the Professional Future Act since 1 January 2022.

It is intended to assess the quality of the training offered by the various French organizations, according to demanding criteria and a series of three audits; Qualiopi certification also offers a simplification of standards. It replaces the Datadock registration and the 53 certifications of the CNEFOP (National Council for Employment, Training and Vocational Guidance)

An important issue, because without it, it is impossible to solicit public and mutualised funding (Employment Division, OPCO, Region, Agefiph, etc.).

In short, it confirms and attests to the reliability and seriousness of the training we provide.

Do you need to deepen your general or specific knowledge in measurement, simulation or analysis?
Test your skills and discover our training catalogue


There are still openings for our Experimental Modal Analysis training on March 10 & 11 in Ecully (Lyon)

During these 2 days of training, attendees will discover the interest of this analysis for machine and equipment vibration diagnosis, and will learn how to apply the technique and analyze results.

Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA), also known as vibration analysis equipment stopped, serves to obtain the eigenmodes of the structure, machine or equipment. Each eigenmode is characterized by a frequency, a damping and a deformation.

Determining the eigenresponse is essential during a complete diagnosis; thus, AME is necessary in addition to the vibratory analysis in operation. The principle of these measurements is to apply an excitation; the vibratory response is measured with tri-axis accelerometers placed at strategic locations.

Register now

More information here

Experimental Modal Analysis training

Gas Turbine Compressor / Generator package Integration

Turbo-generator and centrifugal compressors are key packages on any offshore plant. Because of their size, weight and cost, their integration on the deck is carefully studied.

The question of vibration risk is inevitably raised: what is really at stake, and what is the good approach to minimize the risk for workers, the package itself, and the neighboring equipment? Having been involved in dozens of projects over the 3 last decades, VibraTec will share this experience and present its methodology to study these packages and minimize risks at minimal cost.

Key topics that will be covered during this webinar on Thursday December 9th at 8:30 am CET:

  • Vibration risks for 3 types of package:
    Turbine driven compressors
    Turbine driven generators
    Centrifugal compressors driven by electric motors
  • Recommended analyses
  • Gimbals vs AVM supports

The webinar will end with a live Q&A session.

Registration is open – sign up now!

GTG / GTC package Integration

Railway R&D: VibraTec develops new methods to speed up acoustic certification

VibraTec and MicrodB actively contribute to railway R&D: In the TRANSIT project – part of EU-funded Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking (grant no. 881771) – we work on cost-effective acoustic certification.

Recently, we carried out a measurement campaign in Alstom’s laboratory in order to characterize the acoustic performance of a power converter. We used a Simcenter HD Acoustic Camera and a Simcenter Sound Camera developed by MicrodB in collaboration with Siemens to determine simultaneously and with high spatial resolution the sound power and location of the acoustic sources of the converter. In a next step we integrated the measured data into a full vehicle model in order to simulate the sound pressure received at ISO 3095 standard positions.

This approach makes it possible to assess a rolling stock’s acoustic performance during its design phase and thus to speed up certification procedures while reducing risks.

For more information contact Martin Rissmann or Lucille Lamotte and check out the TRANSIT website.

#railway #acoustic #noise #Shift2Rail #green mobility #environment


Railway R&D testing

Proud to contribute to a sustainable, fuel-efficient, low-noise, 100% European aircraft engine

The ICTUS (Instrumented Engine Cradle for the Turboprop Ground Test) project, coordinated by VibraTec since its launch in 2018, is opening up very interesting prospects in aviation through the design, manufacture and qualification of the Safran Helicopter Engines TechTP engine cradle, the first demonstrator delivered in CleanSky2. This work improves the operation of static engine test stands through the combination of instrumentation and the development of advanced test methods.

CleanSky’s Tech TP engine demonstrator thus paves the way for a 100% European, sustainable, fuel-efficient and low-noise engine for general aviation and small aircraft (up to 19 passengers). In addition, the fuel savings will reduce costs for aircraft operators, which will contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of European aviation.

The project was highlighted by France Innovation in the latest edition of 360° R&D.


This project has received funding from the CleanSky 2 Joint Undertaking (JU) under grand agreement n° 785564. The EC receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program and members of the EC CleanSky 2 other than the Union.

The JU Cleansky 2 is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information on this page.

Tech TP first run celebration in Tarnos_3©Remy Bertrand - Safran

Back to school soon – for everyone!

Don’t wait until the end of August to sign up for one of our September training programs: plan ahead so can just take it easy on vacation. 😎 ⛱

📕 1-2 September: Finite Element Model Updating: the relevance of simulation before testing, types of measurements to perform, tuning methods & tools and their specificities. Animated by Stéphane TEPPE & Hugo SIWIAK.

📘 7-9 September: Vibration-Induced Pipework Failure: issues, screening & assessment methods, theoretical LOF calculation methods, good practice, and dynamic calculations. Presented by Loïc ANCIAN & Rémi SALANON.

📗 14-15 September: Signal Processing Applied to Acoustics & Vibration: main methods, types of analysis, appropriate parameters, critical result analysis. Given by Hugo SIWIAK et Renaud BERTONI.

📙 29-30 September: Experimental Vibration Analysis: more of Hugo et Renaud to identify the causes of vibration problems, select and install measurement equipment, differentiate measurement techniques, be able to propose mitigation.

Register now.
Consult the complete training catalog.

VibraTec is a certified training center and DataDock referenced, in the process of Qualiopi certification; in compliance with quality criteria, French funding agencies will cover your session.

VibraTec training

E-Silence: reducing e-powertrain NVH behavior without deteriorating performance or increasing cost

The E-Silence R&D project is developing optimization methodologies and solutions to tackle NVH issues, starting at the early design phase and going up to the prototype phase. Our optimization algorithms are able to test several thousands of motor topologies in a short period, ensuring a noise minimization which is robust regarding manufacturing tolerances.

We have already used these methods on several industrial applications: noise reduction is more than 10 dB, without any deterioration of the other global machine performances (torque, efficiency, etc), and without increasing mass and cost.

We also optimize stator potting material in order to reduce noise by 10 to 20 dB.

VibraTec is proud to coordinate the project with its partners Altair, Moving Magnet Technologies and research laboratories FEMTO-ST and L2EP.

VibraTec will present the E-Silence project at the CARA cluster’s online Automotive Techdays on June 1st: feel free to stop by our booth to talk with us about the project !

This project was partially financed by the European Union through the ERDF.


E-Powertrain NVH optimization

June training sessions: a great occasion to complete your skillset

Upskill colleagues with our open sessions in June:

  • Experimental Modal Analysis on the 2nd and 3rd; to understand and be able to apply this structural dynamics analysis technique.
  • Acoustic Imagery – Theory & Application on June 15th, 16th &/or 17th: 2 days to gain understanding of the theory behind various imaging methods with their associated strengths & weaknesses. The 3rd day, stand-alone or following the first 2, will provide the ability to choose and apply the “right” measurement & treatment method.
  • Automotive Acoustics from June 22nd to 24th: to acquire a synthetic view of automotive acoustics, notions of the analysis of physical & perceptive phenomena associated with comfort and an understanding of the pertinence of integrating a vibro-acoustic approach in the general design & production process.
  • Human Vibration Exposure on July 1st: one day to understand the basics of vibration analysis & differentiate standards related to workers’ exposure in order to understand how to protect workers and/or discuss requirements knowledgeably.

Sign up now.

Consult our training catalog.

VibraTec is a training center recognized by the French administration and French professional training funding centers.

technical training

A new Turnkey test center for electrified vehicles

The electrification of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles is underway. However, new electrified buses and trucks must be validated regarding:

  • Energy and climatic performance,
  • Connectivity and safety,
  • Acoustic comfort and pass-by noise regulations.

VibraTec, with its partners Transpolis and GreenMot, form a unique test and validation center in Lyon. Vehicles can undergo complete energy, climatic, safety and noise testing to be fully validated in one place according to the various applicable regulations & standards.

Contact Sylvestre LECURU for more information!

3 Companies for a 1-stop e-vehicule test center in Lyon, France

3 Expert structures for a 1-stop vehicle test center

The SILVARSTAR website is on line !

VibraTec SA is proud to be coordinating this European Shift2Rail project “SoIL Vibration and AuRalisation Software Tools for Application in Railways”, working with ISVR Consulting, KU Leuven, Wölfel Group, Empa & UNIFE.

SILVARSTAR is a two-year-long Shift2Rail project within the Horizon2020 Program of the European Commission.

The project is divided into two Work Streams with the following objectives:

  • to provide a user-friendly prediction tool for ground vibration impact studies.
  • to develop a fully functional system for auralisation and visualisation of railway traffic, providing interfaces with Virtual Reality visualisation software.

The project’s dedicated website will provide information about project advancement, and will contribute to ensuring that the project outputs reach targeted stakeholders.


#H2020 #railwaysystems #vibrationcontrol #noisecontrol


SILVARSTAR European R&D project

Innovative Solutions to Address the Future Zero-emissions Aircraft

During the Virtual Aerospace Show Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, from April 6th to 8th 2021, Romain Leneveu et Lionel Duvermy will present INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS TO ADDRESS THE FUTURE ZERO EMISSIONS AIRCRAFT during a business conference.

We offer 2 sessions (30 minutes):
April 7th, 2021 at 10:30 am [FR] and April 8th, 2021 at 10:30 am [EN].

Register directly to our conference

Throughout a review of various innovative programs, Romain Leneveu and Lionel Duvermy will introduce the context, the issues and our solutions to tackle the future challenge of the zero-emission aircraft.

Virtual Aerospace Show objective is to address aerospace decision-makers to present our latest development. Browse the agenda and the exhibitors list to customize your program according to your areas of interest (Business conferences will length up to 30′).
Virtual Aerospace Show is an initiative of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes aerospace players, led by Aerospace Cluster Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

We will be extremely honoured to welcome you on the occasion of this first edition of the Virtual Aerospace Show Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.


Webinar: Reciprocating Pump Vibrations & Pulsation Analysis

For this 3rd webinar, VIBRATEC will talk about reciprocating pumps, where our Panel of Experts Cyril Gaumain and Loic Ancian will discuss everything and anything related to vibration phenomenon including definition, sources, assessment, criteria and case studies with actual mitigation actions applied before finishing off this 1-hour session with interactive Q&A session. 

Day / Date: Wednesday March 24th, 2021

Local time:
– 9:00-10:00 UTC+1 (Continental Europe)
– 12:00-13:00 UTC+4 (UAE)
– 16:00-17:00 UTC+8 (Malaysia)

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Key topics include:

  • Reciprocating pump overview
  • Pulsation vs mechanical excitation
  • Vibration analysis & Baseplate design
  • Pulsation analysis as per API674
  • Case studies with actual mitigation actions
  • “Live” Q&A

Register now!


Train with VibraTec – because sharing and transmission are part of our DNA.

Three sessions will be held in the coming weeks:

  • The “Electromagnetic Noise” program: discover basic electric motor operation & power supply, the efforts & magnetic phenomena involved, the phenomena capable of producing electromagnetic noise in electric machines. Learn how to set up an experimental and numeric method to understand the vibratory behavior of electric machines. Distance learning session on the mornings of March 22, 23, 25 & 26 (CET) with Sylvestre, Jean-Baptiste & Martin.
  • The “Signal Processing” program: providing an overview of various signal processing methods applied to acoustics and vibration, characteristics and criteria to choose among the different types of treatment. Session in Ecully (Lyon, France) on March 30 & 31 with Hugo & Renaud.
  • The “Resistance / Stress Reliability Approach” training: present the issues of reliability / life cycle management in product development, discover the ‘stress/resistance’ approach and its application to design. Session in Ecully (Lyon, France) on April 7 & 8 with Anne & Brice.

All our training programs are based on concrete cases from more than 30 years of experience in all industrial sectors. Our software and hardware are of various brands, allowing us to use the tools best suited to your needs.

VibraTec is a training center recognized by the French administration and French professional training funding centers.

technical training

Indirect rail acoustic roughness measurements using an onboard system

Indirect rail roughness measurement makes it possible to estimate the acoustic quality of a railway infrastructure without space or time constraints. Several indirect measurement systems for rail acoustic roughness exist, based on different vibro-acoustic sensors. However, these systems present a number of limitations that VibraTec has overcome with its unique hybrid numerical/experimental approach.

Numerical simulations serve to select the best set of sensors (type, number and position), making it possible to overcome any potential frequency limitations. Numerical simulation also takes the influence of track dynamics into account. Experimental calibration completes the roughness measurement methodology.

This work was developed in the framework of the French project MEEQUAI (on-board MEasurement of railway Infrastructure Acoustic QUality). The project involved a partnership with the Joint Research Unit in Environmental Acoustics at the Université Gustave Eiffel (UMRAE) and the French national railway company SNCF.

Listen to Anna-Rita TUFANO’s presentation at the e-Forum Acusticum in December 2020.

Contact us for more information.

This project was partially financed by the European Union through the ERDF.

FEDER Auvergne Rhône Alpes      Logo Europe

rail roughness measurements

Even small successes deserve to be celebrated.

1500 followers! Yess!

We’ve reached the 1500 followers milestone and it’s time to celebrate…

We are excited to have 1500 followers. Next goal: 2000!

The entire VibraTec team thanks you for trusting us.

Register for our upcoming webinars in collaboration with our partner SPIN.


VibraTec proud to organize 1st LIVE-I public event in 2021

The LIVE-I project, short for Lightening and Innovating transmission for improving Vehicle Environmental Impacts, seeks to achieve breakthrough technological progress in the design of lightweight gear transmissions and to build an innovative training network. The consortium, coordinated by the Ecole Centrale de Lyon (France), is composed of 6 universities and 6 industrial partners, and includes institutions from European and non-European countries to build a strong and fruitful joint experience in cooperation and research.

The 1st event this year is a day dedicated to “Noise Vibration Harshness of gear transmissions”, organized by @VTC on January 25th. This training day, open to the public, offers the opportunity to better understand the physics that control noise and vibration of gears. Christian CLERC, Alexandre CARBONELLI, Jessica NEUFOND, Jean-Baptiste DUPONT, and Joël PERRET-LIAUDET (ECL) will share the floor throughout the day.

After a reminder of the theory and mechanisms that cause vibrations and sound radiation (from the contact forces between the teeth to the dynamic response of the casing), modeling tools and their use to solve industrial cases will be presented. Finally, recent developments on the simulation of complex gears and on the coupling with electric machines will be presented.

Knowledge of these phenomena is gaining importance with the development of hybrid and electric motor vehicles, but is also pertinent in other areas of industry.

Participants from both academia and industry are welcome. Maximum number is 50. Participation is free of charge: registration is mandatory before January 20th, 2021.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 860243.

LIVE-I is a

  • MSCA (Marie Skłodowska-Curie action)
  • ITN (Innovative Training Network)
  • EID (European Industrial doctorate)

LIVE-I H2020 Industrial doctorate

VibraTec – designing pragmatic, innovative solutions

The ICTUS project (Instrumented engine Cradle for the TUrboprop demonstrator ground teSt) consisted in the design, manufacturing and qualification of the Tech-TP aircraft engine cradle. The project had four major objectives:

  • Design for flight and manufacture of the cradle supporting the engine and nacelle,
  • Provide a dedicated cradle instrumentation to manage loads, temperature and vibration,
  • Address the engine air flow environment,
  • Measure operational static & dynamic engine loads.

The ICTUS program has strongly contributed to the delivery of the first key demonstrator in Cleansky2 with the manufacturing of the cradle. The proposed instrumentation combined to the development of advanced test methods offers a major breakthrough to improve the exploitation of static engine test beds. It opens new ways to predict the engine interface within its aircraft environment for both engine and aircraft manufacturers.

More information here.

CleanSky2 Joint Undertaking      European flag

This project has received funding from the CleanSky 2 Joint Undertaking (JU) under grand agreement n° 785564. The EC receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program and members of the EC CleanSky 2 other than the Union.

The JU Cleansky 2 is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information on this page.

ICTUS cradle model with engine

Registration for our 2021 training programs is open!

NEW this year: training courses 💯% ONLINE

To address the challenges of the current health situation, we have created 4 half-day modules:

  • the Fundamentals of acoustics,
  • the Fundamentals of vibration,
  • the Fundamentals of signal processing,
  • Implementing instrumentation.

It is also possible to consider an online format for most of our standard training courses.

Open sessions

We still organize open sessions at fixed dates. You can also train a group of employees in sessions that can take place anywhere in the world, on your premises or any suitable location.

Full-flex programs

All our training programs can be customized or combined on demand to target the specifics of your business, application or tools (hardware, software).

FNE-supported training

In these times of partial activity, the French FNE finances the implementation of training actions for French companies within a precise framework:

  • you are or have been on temporary part-time due to Covid,
  • you volunteer to take a training course during these hours,
  • the training is provided by a #datadock or #qualiopi referenced organization, – VibraTec is referenced DataDock 👍

Come to Ecully in January for:

Interested? Just contact our training department for further information. 😊

technical training

“Business as usual” during lockdown

During this new lockdown period, all VibraTec Group employees are committed to accompanying you: you can count on us.

The staff of VibraTec SA, MicrodB and VibraTeam are mobilized. Working conditions are adapted to maintain our activity while protecting the health and safety of all.

The activity continues, both on-site and in homeoffice:

  • We continue to perform on-site missions (respecting sanitary measures).
  • Ongoing projects and studies continue normally.
  • We remain available and attentive to your needs.


Trainee satisfaction in 2019

At VibraTec, our clients’ opinions are important for the evolution of our diverse activities, to guarantee that we stay in touch with client needs.

Our 106 external trainees gave us a score of 8.8/10 for our 2019 training programs. The score reached 9/10 for all 152 people trained throughout the year.

What was appreciated? Our dynamic staff, attentive to specific needs and able to meet them, adapting as required.

What should be improved? The duration of our programs.

Our 2020 sessions will take this into account, aiming to increase trainee satisfaction without sacrificing key program content.

Many thanks to our training team, whose work has been recognized and appreciated. We also thank all those who trust us for their training, and whom we hope to see again in 2020.


Why wait to schedule your 2020 training programs?

NEW this year!  Vehicle E-Powertrain Integration. Two days to understand E-powertrain NVH specificities and lead an E-powertrain integration project.

The first sessions in 2020 are in January: three topics will be addressed:

Specific web pages give the schedule for our Open programs given at our Headquarters in France. We also organize all of our courses on demand on-site for clients worldwide who wish to train groups of employees together, focusing on their specific field / job.

Referenced as an official training center since 1989 and registered on the French “DataDock”, VibraTec offers courses centered on industrial vibration, acoustics, reliability, signal processing and related fields targeting engineers and technicians.

Feel free to contact our training department for more information.

professional technical training

Extend asset service life thanks to VibraTec’s expertise in fatigue analysis and approach to evaluate remaining life

Remaining life provides visibility of the structure’s future life to anticipate difficulties and guarantee long-term quality of service. Analysis of this parameter is an important part of asset management for structures designed to last for decades, like railway transportation networks.

In this specific case, the method quantitatively assesses the remaining life of railway network car bodies. Operation and maintenance road maps serve as guides to reach service life objectives.

Structural modification can also be evaluated to optimize life duration, providing support for investment teams, helping them optimize their asset management strategy.

service life extension

Quality control is of utmost importance to industrialists

VibraTec is able to assist clients with completely adapted and bespoke solutions.

VibraTec and Aptiv recently worked together to develop a contact force test rig to validate product quality on the production line.

And it’s a success !

production quality control

Converting data into information to improve structural diagnosis

A step back on how to best use the wide variety of Machine Learning tools and data processing in predictive maintenance applications.

The aim is to present a flexible methodology that can be generalized to predictive maintenance problems. How to adapt raw signal pre-processing according to objectives ?

The outcome of this work comes from the diverse projects carried out at VibraTec. With the current massive development of these technologies, it is important to select and master those that are most appropriate.

“Science without conscience is but the ruin of the soul”. Anyone can use Machine Learning; it is important to understand its potential and limitations to do so properly.

International conference on gears 2019 (VDI Munich)

Contact: Alexandre Carbonelli


image LdN

Experimental validation of numeric planetary gear set behavior

The numerical model developed during Jessica NEUFOND’s thesis on the dynamic behavior of planetary gears has been validated by a campaign measuring a variety of planetary gears presenting a large number of tooth profile modifications. From the characterization of static transmission error to the vibratory state of the housing, the experimental data were compared to the numerical results from a dynamic model, validating the developed model.

These results, achieved through collaboration in the Ladage (VibraTec and the LTDSEcole Centrale de Lyon), will be presented at the upcoming International Conference on Gears in Munich.

Contact us for more information.

planetary gear testbench

Acoustic transparency of Alberich coatings under high water pressure: coupled simulation method

This innovative simulation method estimates the acoustic behavior of elastomeric coatings taking into account the influence of temperature and pressure conditions. The implemented procedure is based on the coupling between a nonlinear static simulation (taking into account the hyperelastic nature of the involved materials) and a linear acoustic simulation (taking into account the viscoelasticity of the materials).

This type of method is used for optimizing underwater coatings; VibraTec is an innovative player in the field.

The method is applicable to estimate the acoustic performance of any system incorporating elastomers under stress (seals, absorbent coatings, etc).

For more information

acoustic transparency FEM

Bearing and gear fault detection using Machine Learning

Maintenance services are beginning to use conditioned-based maintenance with vibration sensors. New methods in signal post-processing are being coupled with Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.

The method proposed by VibraTec is to add a qualitative analysis in case of fault detection (bearing or gear faults, etc.)

This new step helps maintenance services to focus more efficiently on the faulty part of the system, inducing more rapid repair. This involves less downtime, leading to significant gains in productivity.

This research work was developed for maintenance services, in order to increase the efficiency, maintenance scheduling, and organization.

The work, focusing on the railway sector, was developed in the scope of the Run2Rail project (Shift2Rail). However, it can be applied to any industrial sector (aeronautics, automotive, etc.).


Annual Meeting : French Mechanics Association Rotating Equipment Committee

VibraTec is working on a new approach to early gear fault detection. This vibration monitoring method detects, locates and characterizes the evolution & criticality of bearing and tooth faults. Large quantities of data are collected; classification is performed with AI algorithms.

Renaud BERTONI presented this method on June 4th at the annual French Mechanics Association Rotating Equipment Committee meeting at Honeywell-Garrett France’s headquarters in the Vosges. This committee, composed of academia and industrial partners, meets once a year to discuss scientific & technological issues pertaining to rotating equipment (digital and experimental aspects). Meetings are also the occasion to visit industrial installa

VibraTec is a longtime member and acting secretary, sharing its technical developments relating to rotating equipment.


European Test and Telemetry Conference (ETTC 2019)

A new vision for the MRO market

VibraTec will attend the next ETTC 2019 conference, on June 11-13th 2019 in Toulouse, France.

Renaud Bertoni and Lionel Duvermy will introduce a new approach for gear and bearing fault detection.

VibraTec develops a prognostic process to monitor the mechanical behavior of the driving chain.

Applied on a dedicated Health Monitoring Systems (HMS) test bench, a review of the methodology is proposed, from instrumentation to the classification using Machine Learning process.


There are no passengers on spaceship earth.

The VibraTec Group guides its clients toward eco-friendly solutions whenever possible, and also encourages the use of public transportation, cycling and carpooling among its employees.

In this context, AirFrance’s CO2Zero program supporting CO2OL provided us a good way to compensate our air travel carbon footprint by helping to reforest the Panama Canal Zone. To date, over 7.5 million trees have been planted, 15 endangered species have a new habitat and 150 jobs have been created.

green carbon footprint

ShareLab – invite yourself to VibraTec !

Do you wonder about the vibration or acoustic behavior of your products and think that measurements would clarify things ?

VibraTec welcomes you to our lab and gives you free access to our sensors, data acquisition systems and facilities.

One day a month, you can set up shop at one of our test benches (with or without gantry crane) or in our semi-anechoic chamber and use our large stock of equipment (microphones, accelerometers, acoustic arrays, multi-channel analyzers, recorders, etc.) An in-house expert will be on hand to get you started.

Take advantage of this opportunity: schedule the date, then just come and install your equipment, do your testing and leave with results that you can analyze back in the office.

Sign up now: our dates this fall:

  • February 1st
  • March 1st
  • March 29th

sharing measurement equipment

Jessica Neufond will represent VibraTec in Le Mans on 15-16 Nov at the Young Researchers’ Days in vibrations, Acoustics and Noise

She will present results of a study of the vibroacoustic behavior of planetary gears, from the determination of internal excitation to the vibration state of the housing.

The method developed reduces computation time (under an hour for a complete simulation) while using the real gearbox geometry.

This study focuses on planetary gear whining noise by determining internal excitation by simultaneously taking into account all meshings to include coupled interactions. The dynamic response is then calculated at any point in the housing via the resolution of the coupled equations of motion in the spectral domain and via an iterative process. Finally, experimental testing was performed to compare calculation and measurement results.

This is the subject of Jessica’s CIFRE thesis, in partnership with the Laboratory of Tribology and Systems Dynamics (LTDS, Ecole Centrale de Lyon) resulting from the common Ladage laboratory. VibraTec‘s expertise on the topic of gears is thus extended to the case of planetary gears.

Finite Element Model

Customized asset management and monitoring solutions: learn about at Achema, from 11th to 15th of June 2018

Surveillance or maintenance: ignorance is bliss?

Do not stay in the dark! Have better nights: discover our Smart Solutions to plan your maintenance and ensure the quality of your activity.

To find out more, come see us at the ACHEMA trade show in Frankfurt, 11th to 15th of June 2018, hall 11.0 booth A58. We will answer your questions, especially in the production, process and energy industries.

If you want free invitation, contact us.


VibraTec at the ENOVA Toulouse event on the 30th and 31st of May 2018

Come and meet us on booth B10 and discuss your needs for optimizing the design of your equipment in noise, vibration, and reliability. We will also present innovative instrumentation solutions, embedded or not, for the diagnosis and control of the life cycle of your products. Among the presented solutions: the SoundCam solution developed by our subsidiary MicrodB to perform a rapid acoustic diagnosis of a complex mechanical system; and an original solution for diagnosing the components of a transmission chain.


Ignorance is bliss ?

Why would you monitor your production line, when it’s so much simpler to just wait for it to break down and bring your entire activity to a full stop?

If “Ignorance is bliss” isn’t your motto, if you sleep better with your maintenance well-scheduled and a rigorous quality control, you may be interested by our Smart Solutions.

Combining multi-physics sensing with state of the art modelling and Digital Twin technology, VibraTec offers customized asset management and monitoring solutions independent of any specific hardware or software.

To learn more, come and see us at ACHEMA in Frankfurt, Germany, from 11th to 15th of June 2018, hall 11.0 booth A58, where we can introduce you to our experience with the manufacturing, process, and energy industry.


Comprehensive innovative monitoring solutions to be presented at ACHEMA

Looking for a comprehensive, innovative solution to monitor your production process or characterize your products and raw materials?

VibraTec will participate in the ACHEMA trade show in Frankfurt from June 11th to 15th. We will present our SmartSolutions applied to a variety of industries and processes: energy, transportation, pumps, medical devices, test benches, safety and quality control.

Come and visit us to see how we can help you boost productivity and manage your assets the smart way!

Henri, Nicolas, and Katja will be waiting for you at booth A58, Hall 11.0.


Innovate with VibraTec ! We will be at the Smart Industries event during the Global Industrie fair in Paris from 27 to 30 March

VibraTec was chosen to represent the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region as an SME with innovative products & services (predictive maintenance, innovative sensors, digital twins, etc).

Agnès Gerphagnon and Lucille Lamotte will present the group’s latest innovations, including the LMS SoundCamera developed by MicrodB and our predictive maintenance SmartSolutions connected, autonomous sensors.

The Global Industrie fair focuses on the Industry of the Future and brings together stakeholders from the entire manufacturing ecosystem and all industry sectors. It is backed by President Macron, the French government and the Industry of the Future Alliance (AIF). From March 27th to the 30th, almost 3 thousand exhibitors will welcome over 50 thousand visitors.

connected sensors

VibraTec participates at JAAN on the 26th and 27th of October 2017 in Toulon

VibraTec contribution to JAAN 2017 (Ollioules, France, 26th and 27th of October 2017): « Acoustic transparency of Alberich coatings under high water pressure: coupled simulation methodology »

VibraTec will present a coupled simulation methodology for the estimation of the acoustic transparency (as well as reflection) of rubber coatings with periodic air inclusions (as Alberich coatings) under high water pressure. These panels are made for being implemented on underwater structures. Many challenges must be addressed: the large strain of the coating under static water pressure, the highly non-linear behavior of the hyperviscolastic material, the influence of the static deformation on the acoustic behavior. The possibilities offered by this method are of utmost interest: optimizing the design of the coating and the properties of the material to improve the acoustic performance of the coating under given pressure and temperature conditions.


Why wait to schedule your 2018 training programs ?

Referenced as an official training center and registered on the DataDock platform to enable public funding for our course attendees (from French companies), VibraTec offers courses centered around industrial vibration, acoustics, signal processing and related fields targeting engineers and technicians.

The 2018 catalogue gives the schedule for our Open programs given in France.

We also organize all of our courses on demand on-site for clients worldwide who wish to train groups of employees together, focusing on their specific field / job.

Feel free to contact our training department for more information.


VibraTec will be at SERMA’s Technology Days on September 21st and 22nd near Bordeaux

VibraTec and Serma will present the fruit of their collaboration regarding the reliability of mechatronic equipment. Very different, electronic and mechanical reliability are rarely studied together. The work carried out by VibraTec and Serma aimed to couple the two approaches in order to produce reliable mechatronic equipment. The resistance/stress reliability approach and specific mechatronic applications will be presented.


VibraTec’s training programs referenced by DataDock

VibraTec has been referenced as an official French training center for many years: we are now also registered on the DataDock platform, which centralizes information concerning French training centers to facilitate funding by “OPCA” (accredited fund-collecting / funding agencies), associations in charge of funding professional training throughout workers’ careers.

Yet another sign of VibraTec’s commitment to quality in all aspects of our activity.


We will be at the 8th VDI conference on wind turbine vibration in Bremen/Germany on June 27th-28th, 2017

VibraTec will be at the 8th VDI conference on wind turbine vibration in Bremen on June 27th-28th, 2017. We will present our expertise on experimental and numerical vibratory diagnosis techniques in this context.

 After a wind turbine was retrofitted with a new generator, much higher noise levels recorded at the foot of the tower raised concerns about its reliability. VibraTec was called to perform a thorough on-site diagnosis to determine the origin of the noise and assess the risks on the fatigue behavior of the structure. To take all possible vibration sources into account, a multi-physics approach was applied, covering electromagnetic excitation, torque pulsation, cogging torque, unbalance and bearing condition. Advanced experimental techniques such as simultaneous recording of sound pressure, current signals and accelerations were applied to assess the vibrational behavior of the wind turbine.

The results of the diagnosis gave conclusive arguments on the safety of the operation in the new conditions.



Presentation of a publication at Surveillance 9 Conference in Fes, Morocco, May 22nd to 24th, 2017

The noise from “Root” type vacuum pumps is a major disadvantage to wider use. The noise sources and the mechanisms involved in these pumps are complex, strongly coupled and their modeling is delicate (3D fluid calculations in a cavity of changing geometry, coupled with a nonlinear meshing dynamic).

The collaborative project FUI ARPE (Acoustics and vibration of vacuum pumps) aims to significantly improve the multi-physical modeling of these pumps. In this context, a measurement campaign was set up, on the one hand, to recalibrate the models and, on the other hand, to establish a vibro-acoustic diagnosis of the pumps.

VibraTec will be at the Surveillance 9 Conference in Fes, Morocco, from May 22nd to 24th May, 2017, to present the measurements performed and their uses (shock detection, psycho acoustic criteria, etc.)

Technicians - we are recruiting !
If you are a noise &/or vibration specialist, this could be the perfect occasion to enrich your experience: our group, well-known for its expertise in acoustics and structural dynamics, works on very diversified projects.