VibraTec’s expertise in diagnosis, measurement and analysis makes it possible to understand and solve problems related to vibration, acoustics, speed, stress or deformation on existing products. Our flexibility allows us to mobilize the necessary human and material resources within a few days after the first exchange. VibraTec is able to carry out appropriate measurements, making it possible to understand the physical phenomena involved: temperature, stress, speed, vibration, noise, effort or displacement. On rotating or stationary parts, hot or cold parts, in vacuums or in water, on-board or fixed, etc. An adapted diagnosis enables a good understanding of the phenomena involved in order to quickly solve the incident and define optimal modifications to be made. VibraTec can find the origin of your vibration, acoustic or mechanical resistance problem and propose the best ways to solve it. We manage crisis situations with reactivity. VibraTec has a reputation for unblocking critical situations. Here are a few examples of diagnoses and measurements that make up our global offer.

Dynamic force measurements
Deformation measurements
Angular variation & fluctuation and spontaneous speed
Environmental testing

When a machine is installed on a structure, the structure’sdimensioning is paramount. For this, it is necessary to know the load coming from the machine. VibraTec can help you to defineyour product’stension screw theory(definition of the 3 shear forces and the 3 moments). These dynamic force measurements can be carried out in 2 ways, direct and indirect.

  • Direct dynamic force measurements

These measurements can be carried out using a force table; equipped with 3-axis piezoelectric technology force cells, it records the force’sdynamic component and defines thetension screw theory at a given point.

  • Indirect dynamic force measurements

The dynamic forces can also be determined using the structure’s response matrix and the transfer function’s inverse matrix. Both of these values can be determined with an accelerometer mesh by measurements during operation or at standstill with an instrumented impact hammer. If you would like to know more or would like to call in an expert, please contact us.

Dynamic force measurements

In order to address problems related to mechanical strength measurements on moving parts, VibraTec is able to perform shaft bending, shaft torsion& torque measurements, force measurements and stress measurements during operation. These measurements are carried out using strain gauges and make it possible to define forces, torques, stresses, fatigue, bending and/or torsion modes, etc. Depending on the measurements to be made, the number of gauges and their positioning varies (quarter bridge, half bridge, full bridge, rosette). For measurements during operation (e.g. on a rotating shaft, on a fan blade etc.), a telemetry system is used. The strain gauges are connected to a conditioner-transmitter on the product. These telemetry systems have the appropriate weight and size characteristics so as not to disturb the measurements to be made. The measuring environments can be very critical (temperature, humidity, etc). In this case, specific precautions are taken during the instrumentation: resin protection to resist high pressures, cavitation phenomenon, electromagnetic environment, etc. If you would like to know more or would like to call in an expert, please contact us.

Deformation measurements

In order to solve measurement problems on rotating elements, e.g. shafts, crankshafts, transmission elements, alternators etc., it is necessary to be able to measure speeds, torques, fluctuations and angular changes. To do so, VibraTec has the expertise, equipment and experience to carry out asynchronous measurements or instantaneous speed measurements. The instrumentation used depends greatly on the access, space and environment of the product to be tested. Several types of instrumentation are therefore possible; encoders, optical sensors, rotational laser vibrometers or magnetictops. This makes it possible to obtain the rotating elements’behavior and thus diagnose the causes of failure and effective mitigation. If you would like to find out more or would like to consult an expert, please contact us.

Angular variation & fluctuation and spontaneous speed

VibraTec can accompany you during your products’mechanical, vibratory and acoustic qualification campaigns:

  • Before the tests, to design the test set-up and optimize the test program,
  • From instrumentation to additional measurements during the tests with data acquisition and analysis,
  • After the tests, expertise and measurementanalysis, recommendation of industrial solutions, delivery of deliverables and test reports.

Environmental tests require good dimensioning of the host structure. Our test bench expertise guarantees the quality of your test facilities. Our skills in test customization allow us to make your qualification tests realistic. The richness of our methods combined with the diversity of our instrumentation enables us to provide you with the quality you need to carry out your tests. You wish to be trained on this subject, check out our Accelerated fatigue testing – iso-damage approach training program. You want to know more or call an expert on a test problem, contact us.

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