Staff testimonials: What is it like to work at Vibratec?

We develop our expertise for the future thanks to our R&D projects and on-the-job training.

We use every means possible to develop our employees’ expertise. Methods include annual 1-on-1 meetings, integration plans for new employees or a new position, etc. Career development is individualized to meet the requirements of the individual and the position.


Professional mobility is in our DNA

We operate in all sectors of industry in Europe and around the world and allow our employees the opportunity to work in multiple sectors and geographical areas.

“Since I joined the group, each project has improved my autonomy and given me more responsibilities. It isn’t easy, but that’s what I like. In addition, I frequently speak English with clients. “


“I love real science and that’s what we do to produce high quality results. I am a scientist; not here to generate models in an assembly-line style. We have an intelligent upper-level management concerned about each employee’s evolution within the group. Management encourages personal projects through part-time work (even for men !) and pursuing our education in various university programs.”


“When I started my internship, the HR manager told me right away what was expected of me: I was given responsibilities and truly integrated in real-life working conditions. I was a real part of the team and the project, with very concrete, ambitious goals. I was lucky to have had access to experts in each technical field.”


“When I joined Vibratec in 2011, I had no idea that I would find myself (and my family) developing the subsidiary in Kuala Lumpur 2 years later. But that wasn’t the only surprise waiting for me: I discovered a very technical environment – that is also very feminine ! From upper-level management to the technical team, the gender balance is truly balanced (actually is balanced ?).”