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calcul bruit vibration

Vibration and Acoustic Computation

Acoustic and vibration prediction ; As a member of our acoustics and vibration modeling team, you will be responsible for the prediction of the behavior of equipment components, small and large structures and full systems – understanding the effects of their operating environments and operating parameters, and the impact of those systems on their environment, and the environment upon those systems.

Software Development

Software development requires both acoustic and industrial computing skills. On long-term projects, the software developer must apply their knowledge in physics to the concrete physical aspects of the final product. They also provide technical support to our team of expert acousticians

vibration measurement preparation

Vibration / Noise Measurement and Testing

Noise and vibration testing and measurements at Vibratec are like a fast-track R & D programme. Being a measurement technician or engineer is a comprehensive job including both field work and in-depth analysis, from installing sensors to presenting results. Each new study is often a unique case that must be dealt with in a bespoke manner using the most suitable, adapted tools and methodologies

Project Management

Project management is entrusted to highly-experienced experts who continue to evolve technically with the studies they manage. Computations, troubleshooting campaigns from thousands to hundreds of thousands of euros, from a few days to several months, managing staff all over the world – the project manager guarantees both technical and financial quality of each project, thereby ensuring client satisfaction, and the building of a trusted relationship.

vente expertise

Business Development

Our know-how is marketed by senior engineers who also manage projects. They can be confident when in the field, since our entire expert staff is ready to adapt to each specific client request (requirement / need). Each client can be reassured that the Vibratec group is able to work with them to solve whatever technical issue they have.

Noise Source Identification Methods

Developing noise source identification methods is a multi-facetted job requiring strong expertise to find and validate new solutions and also anticipate client needs. Programming, on-site measurements, etc. are also frequently required.