VibraTec provides services to the aeronautic and space industries (OEMs and suppliers).  Our services range from definition of specifications up to monitoring systems or equipment; this includes design assistance, lab tests, qualification testing and operational diagnoses.

  • Technical specifications to identify the most robust architecture (in terms of mechanics, dynamics, thermal impact, noise and motion) in balance with client constraints (weight, cost, efficiency, life cycle), suited to applicable legislation and standards (DO160, ISO, etc.).
  • During the design phase, Vibratec helps to upgrade the TRL (Technology Readiness Level) of your system from the concept up to virtual prototyping, integration of innovation using advanced modeling methods which reduces the development time and improves design reliability
  • In the testing and qualification phase, VibraTec supports its clients in setting up test campaigns, selecting the instrumentation to be used, undertaking measurements, and analyzing the measurement results. Whether in our laboratory or in situ, our teams can be deployed worldwide using our own instrumentation
  • Troubleshooting assistance providing root cause analysis to find the most efficient solutions to even the most difficult problems. By undertaking adaptive tests in operating conditions, our experts are able to provide practical recommendations and solutions to solve noise, vibration and mechanical issues

As an SME with more than 30 years of experience, our efficiency is based highly skilled, qualified resources combined with our reactivity and flexibility to answer client needs whilst taking account of both our clients’ schedule and economic & technical constraints


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