Designing reliable products capable of functioning throughout their planned life without major issues requires methodology in both the pre-design phase to establish representative SOW and throughout design and production in order to optimize the production process and ensure that specifications are respected.


Understand reliability / life cycle management issues in product development
Understand the ‘stress/resistance’ approach
Apply this approach to product design

Participant profile
Actors in the industrial development process
R&D or Quality engineers
Testing laboratories

Basic understanding of material behavior
Basic knowledge of structural mechanics

Program (based on case studies, alternating theory & application exercises)
Principle of the stress-resistance approach (S/R)
Fatigue strength of structures - review
Loading in service
Applying the S/R method to product design
Applying the S/R method to component design

Evaluation in the form of a quiz

Sessions in Ecully (14 hours): 1 500€
14-15 June 2022
29-30 November 2022
12 people max per session

Registration / cancellation up to 15 days before each session. Training material, breaks & lunches included. Based on real-life applications, alternating theory and application exercises.

This training program can be organized on demand, on-site worldwide for clients who wish to train groups of employees together, focusing on their specific field / job function. Its content can also be adapted for remote sessions.

If you have a sensory or motor deficit, please contact us to discuss compensation options.

VibraTec is accredited with the French government, is referenced with DataDock and Qualiopi certified in the Training Actions category: French companies can benefit from professional training funds.