You want to understand the theoretical aspects of various acoustic imaging methods (holography, focalization, deconvolution), their advantages and limits: you will not waste your time in this 2-day training program.

For those already knowledgeable in theory wanting some hands-on time (or for those wanting to treat theory & “lab time” together), a 3rd day will help you know how to choose the best method for your needs and what to do with the results.


Theory: understand the theoretical aspects of different imaging methods with their advantages & limitations (holography, focalization, deconvolution, etc)
Application: choose & apply the ‘right’ measurement & processing method

Participant profile
Engineers, students & technical managers

Basic knowledge of acoustics
Knowledge of signal processing
The theoretical training (or equivalent) is required for the application day


Theoretical review of acoustics
Acoustic beamforming
Acoustic holography with regular & irregular arrays
Advanced imaging algorithm methods
Imagery methods applied to the constraints of aero-acoustic measurements

Matching tools to requirements
Measurement preparation
Using the imaging software in a Testlab environment
Result analysis

15-16 & 17 June 2021

This Acoustic Imagery - Theory & Application training program can be organized on demand, on-site worldwide for clients who wish to train groups of employees together, focusing on their specific field / job function.

VibraTec is accredited with the French government, and is referenced with DataDock: French companies can benefit from professional training funds.